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Saturday, June 30, 2007

MORGAN PACKARD - Airships Fill The Sky

PACKARD, Morgan - Airships Fill The Sky (Anticipate US) Comentários: Packard seems to have an innate ability to take risks others would be too fearful to even attempt, and in doing so he has created an album which is brave, bold and genuinely inspiring. Utilising his obvious computer processing skills and pitting them against environmental recordings and deconstructed beats, Packard has created an album that falls somewhere between the gorgeous glacial experimentation of 12k (think Shuttle 358 or Taylor Deupree), the reduced techno experimentations of Sahko and the endless cinematic vistas of Murcof. Sounding both referential and unique at the same time, "Airships Fill The Sky" is an album that I just keep on going back to - and if this isn't enough for our tiny minds to handle, there's another full album in DVD format, 'Unsimulatable' which sees Packard's audio experiments set to equally moving visuals by Joshue Ott. These intricate and somewhat polar-looking meshes of computer generated lines and textures are weirdly alluring and should have you in a James Woods-style state in no time - trust me. Packard has created a truly captivating album here which we're totally passionate about, we implore you to investigate, it's one of the year's finest. Essential purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Friday, June 29, 2007



A Associação Recreativa da "Velha Escola" é um projecto que aposta na fusão entre boa música e o cenário natural da Praia Fluvial de Alvelo, em Vila Boa do Bispo.

HEXSTATIC - When Robots Go Bad

HEXSTATIC - When Robots Go Bad (Ninja Tune) Comentários: Stuart Warren Hill & Robin Brunson são a dupla responsável pela nova edição da Ninja Tune, o album chama-se "When Robots Go Bad", um portentoso volume que acumula no todo 13 músicas. A musicalidade reporta-nos em grande parte para o universo sci-fi do electro funk e para a maquinaria do jogos arcade ("Prom Night Party", "Tokyo Traffic"), faz algumas aproximações ao Glam Rock com um quê de espirito vocal e sonoro de Goldfrapp ("Roll Over"), mas nao fica por aqui, a aventura continua, passando pela arte do sampling, recorte e manipulação, onde chegamos a uma faixa cujo baixo foi retirado do original dos Spektrum ("Don't Be Shy"). No todo este é um bom album recheado de sabores urbanos com uns laivos de kitsch audiófilo à mistura, é agradável e bastante dançável também, é mais um título vitorioso para a Ninja Tune, faz juz à sua edição, recomenda-se vivamente. Vai estar disponível salvo o erro a partir do dia 2 de Julho nas lojas da especialidade. [Para Ouvir]

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Maio/Junho Foi Assim...

AARDVARCK - Well Well Well (Rushhour Holland)
AGNES - Dumbles Debuts (Resopal Red Germany)
Aleksi Perälä - Project V (Rephlex)
Alton Miller - Souls Like Mine (R2 UK)
Apparat - Walls (Shitkatapult Germany)
Benny Sings - Benny At Home (Sonar Kollektiv Germany)
BLACK STROBE - Burn Your Own Church (Playloudrecordings)
Boogy Bytes Vol 3 (Bpitch Control)
BURIAL - Ghost Hardware (Hyperdub)
CHROMEO - Fancy Footwork (Vice)
CONVEXTION - Romantic Interface EP (Arne Weinberg)
Daniel Wang - Look Ma, No Drum Machine (Balihu)
DEAR, Matthew - Asa Beed (Ghostly International)
DEEP CHORD - Vantage Isle (Echospace Detroit)
DIGITALISM - Idealism (Kitsune France)
DINING ROOMS, The - Ink EP 1 (Schema Italy)
Dizzee Rascal - Maths + English (XL)
DOPPLEREFFEKT - Calabi Yau Space (Rephlex)
DOPPLEREFFEKT - Gesamtkunstwerk (reissue) (Clone Classic Cuts Holland)
DUNN, Mike - So Let It Be House (Clone Classic Cuts Holland)
FENNESZ & SAKAMOTO - Cendre (Touch)
FROM KARAOKE TO STARDOM - Undo Redo Weirdo (Rrygular Germany)
GROOVEMAN SPOT aka DJ KOU G - Eternal Development (remixes part 1) (Planet Groove Japan)
GROOVEMAN SPOT aka DJ KOU G - Eternal Development (remixes part 2) *incl. Cro-Magnon rmx (Planet Groove Japan)
Guy Gerber - Late Bloomers (Cocoon Germany)
JPLS - Twilite (Minus Canada)
JUPITER BLACK feat FRED VENTURA - Hold Me (Clone Holland)
Kalabrese - Rumpelzirkus (Stattmusik)
Kids On TV - Mixing Business With Pleasure (Chicks On Speed Records)
Last Step (Planet Mu)
ME & YOU - The Hoop Loop (Tru Toughts)
MILLER, Alton feat LADY LINN - Possibilities (R2 UK)
Minilogue - Inca EP (Wir Germany)
MOCHIPET - Disco Donkey (Daly City US)
Mr Oizo - Transexual (Ed Banger France)
MUDD - Claremont 56 (Rong Music US)
Neil Landstrumm - Restaurant Of Assassins (Planet Mu)
NOMUMBAH - Love Moves (Yoruba UK)
NSM (NEW SECTOR MOVEMENTS) - The Hype EP 01 (Jazzy Sport Japan)
OPTIMO / VARIOUS - Walkabout (Endless Flight)
ORGONE - I Get Lifted (Ubiquity US)
PANTHA DU PRINCE - This Bliss (Dial)
PHEEK- En Legere Suspension (Archipel US)
PLAN, The - Change Of Mood (Submerge US)
REDNOSE DISTRIKT feat MELODEE - Best DJ (Kindred Spirits Holland)
SALVATORE, Freda/MASSIMO STEFANELLI - Endless Ride To Honolulu (Trapez Germany)
SIMIAN MOBLIE DISCO - Attack Decay Sustain Release (Wichita)
STUDENT BODY, The - Arts & Sciences
The Bamboos - Rawville (tru thoughts)
Thomas Fehlmann - Honigpumpe (Kompakt Germany)
Various - Box Of Dub: Dubstep & Future Dub (Soul Jazz)
VARIOUS - Cocoon Compilation G (Cocoon Germany)
VARIOUS - Mute: Audio Documents 1978-1984 (Mute)
VARIOUS - Nothing Much/Something More - A Best Of Minus (Minus Canada)
YELLOW POWER /JJ CALE - Dirty Space Disco Vol 1 (Tigersushi France)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gosub "Satan" (2007)



BURIAL - Ghost Hardware

BURIAL - Ghost Hardware (Hyperdub) Comentários: "Ghost Hardware" provides another blurry peek into the mind of a musician who is seemingly unable to write anything other than astonishing music, producing outside the box, beyond expectations, without recourse to generic templates. The squashed punch of the rhythm here is accentuated by layers of grinding bass and aquatic percussion, midnight rave styles in a 2-step signature with a mournful undertone that's almost at odds with the propulsive trajectory it holds onto throughout. Simply amazing music - honed for the darkest of dancefloors, neon-lit bedsits and the wide-angled vistas of continental festival stages at one and the same time - quite some achievement. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



STUDENT BODY, The - Arts & Sciences (Rubaiyat Germany) Comentários: they are the artistic couple Miasha Williams and Eric Porter from Oakland and recently caught a lot of attention with the track "boxes". The first promo-mailouts cauzed a big media-echo in the alternative music scene - from indie-rock-magazines to jazz-lounge-radios, although the band-project The Student Body Presents is very young, Miasha and Eric are experienced underground-artists ... CBGBs Gallery, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Java House or the Moon Cafe in Brooklyn. "the poetry lies somewhere between anger, beauty and funkyness." nota do editor [Para Ouvir]

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Two Jahtarian Heavyweight Dub Champions in the ring for a wicked infight over two rounds! Until the bitter end of the B-Side's final groove. Beware of bass exploding hits to the head and the deeper regions! Round One, titled "En Chantier", kicks off heavily on the Drum Song riddim with a rough, punchy skank, a haunting melody line and dirty shuffling machine beats. The bout seamlessly continues on Side B with "Vigilante Dub" on a new riddim. This time aiming for extreme deepness with wide hypnotic pads and cunning feint attacks of the bassline which are being delivered with the hypnotic techniques of true Dubartial Arts. Don't forget to put in your teeth protectors for that bassdrum! download»» aqui


Anti Pop Music Festival 2007


Sunday, June 24, 2007

M83 Run - Into Flowers

Saturday, June 23, 2007


FROM KARAOKE TO STARDOM - Undo Redo Weirdo (Rrygular Germany) Comentários: "Undo redo weirdo", é um exercício de techno minimal concebido por Jeremy Herpe, produtor parisiense de 30 anos. Previamente apresentado em três partes no formato vinil ep, é finalmente editado o produto final que reúne 14 temas, e conta com o selo de garantia da Rrygular. Jeremy busca influências em nomes como Alva Noto, Ikeda & Pan Sonic, Plastikman, Murcof, Akufen... só para nomear alguns. O crescente interesse pelo minimalismo electrónico proporcionou-lhe a passagem por algumas labels de renome como Mille Plateaux, Force Inc, Apnea, Living Records. Disponível (para já) no formato CD a partir do dia 25 de Junho de 2007. Se gostam de techno minimal com a agravante do groove e das melodias dub e abstractas, este álbum será então essencial para as vossas colecções. Recomenda-se! [Para Ouvir]


Friday, June 22, 2007

BLACK STROBE - Burn Your Own Church

BLACK STROBE - Burn Your Own Church (Playloudrecordings) Comentários: French duo Black Strobe have been around for over a decade now but it's taken them this long to release an album - so does it live up to the promise of their earlier Source and Output material? 'Burn Your Own' is intermittently spattered with great moments - You'll be listening to a darkened piece of electro-metal one minute, and then with no warning you'll end up jumping onto a piano piece or some Joy Division worship or another. It's always good to have diversity on a record, but Black Strobe seem to have gone all the way into sheer randomness, which is no bad thing. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
BLACK STROBE - I'm A Man (Playloudrecordings) Comentários: Another single to be lifted from Blackstrobe's provocatively-titled Burn Your Own Church album, 'I'm A Man' sounds like something that might have been found on the cutting room floor after the recording of Nick Cave's Grinderman album. Arnaud Rebotini wails in a punch-drunk rockabilly fashion not dissimilar to Cave, but here supplied with a T. Rex-meets-Trent Reznor backing track. The 12" version comes with Blackstrobe's own remix of the original on the A-side, which tweaks the source material in a fairly slight fashion to give a more electronic feel. The Audion remix is the biggest draw here though (even the migraine-inducing sleeve is Audion influenced) taking elements of the vocal and recontextualizing it within that distinctive structure of bass-heavy acidic minimalism, with synth bleeps that always threaten to spiral out of time from the beat, but of course never do. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chromeo - Needy Girl


JUPITER BLACK feat FRED VENTURA - Hold Me (Clone Holland) Comentários: The second Jupiter Black release (Jupiter Black is Michael Black also know for his Unit4 project and John Jupiter) Comes in great artwork from Syd Brak (who is famous for his airbrush artwork and for example his work for the Mars logo and many other things). Jupiter Black collaborated with italo disco cult hero Fred Ventura for this great summer tune! Very reminiscent to the golden period of Italo Disco with its innovative production skills and catchy bass lines and melodies but with the energy of the current electro and house productions. Big Summer record! in clone [Para Ouvir]


Kate Skateshop no Pitch Club, Porto

Kate Skateshop apresenta uma exposição estruturada num conceito que visa projectar uma interacção entre o people do skate e a malta que dá uns toques na cena da arte. A inauguração é hoje, 21 de Junho, no Pitch Club - Porto (go skateboarding day!!) e ainda de 23 a 30 de Junho no Centro Comercial Miguel Bombarda. A mensagem é óbvia: apareçam!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PLAN, The - Change Of Mood

PLAN, The - Change Of Mood (Submerge US) Comentários: The Plan (aka Thought Criminal, Crasheffort, Torque) returns after a long absence to bring you one of the most highly anticipated Submerge releases in a long time. Submerge DJs have been road testing these tracks for quite a while now and the Plan has compiled the best of the bunch into one killer EP that is sure to make a mark. Classic sounding Detroit techno from the Sub camp. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Convextion - Romantic Interface EP

CONVEXTION - Romantic Interface EP (Arne Weinberg) Comentários: Here is another piece of the puzzle to solve the mysterious enigma of Gerard Hanson’s mind. After his highly praised debut LP – Convextion- and his E.R.P release on Frantic Flowers. -Romantic Interface- features 4 different facet’s of styles: ranging Model 500 influenced futuristic techno to deep and dubby Basic Channel-esque techno, and -Consumer Identity- has a strong reference to Aphex Twin’s -Ambient Works-. Already playlisted and played by Laurent Garnier: “Sweet monster!” Also watch out for the additional yellow vinyl copies limited to 300 copies worldwide. in clone [Para Ouvir]

MUDD - Claremont 56

MUDD - Claremont 56 (Rong Music US) Comentários: The New York disco label releases its first artist album. Mudd (aka Paul Murphy) is more commonly known as a part of late 90's Dub Disco don's Akwaaba, alongside Steve Kotey (Chicken Lips), being championed by legends as Francois K, Ron Trent and Larry Heard. Mudd's signature sound is a live, song based take on the spaced-out disco trip (think Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, Idjut Boys, Glimmer Twins, Quiet Village, Harvey and Rub & Tug.) An essential release for all fans of Balearica and Cosmic Disco. in clone [Para Ouvir]

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Sick Girls @ Bazaar dia 22 de Junho

BAZAAR, cais das pedras 13, porto,, .

Festival Dance Station

Dance Station é o nome do evento marcado para o próximo dia 12 de Julho, em Lisboa.Tiga, Chemical Brothers, Simian Mobile Disco, Fischerspooner, Junior Boys, Air e Digitalism são alguns dos nomes confirmados para esta data. Os espectáculos ocorrem na Estação do Rossio e no Coliseu dos Recreios. A intenção da organização é congregar «duas paragens separadas pelo propósito, [mas] sempre unidas pelo conceito de viagem - física no caso da Estação do Rossio, espiritual no que toca ao Coliseu dos Recreios». O cartaz é o seguinte: Estação do Rossio (portas abrem às 18h00) Tiga (DJ set) The Chemical Brothers, Justin Robertson (DJ set) Erol Alkan (DJ set) D.I.M.Proxy, Jori Hulkonnen (DJ set), Coliseu dos Recreios (portas abrem às 19h00) Simian Mobile Disco, Fischerspooner, Junior Boys, Air, Digitalism. Os bilhetes estão disponíveis nas seguintes modalidades: Estação do Rossio + Coliseu (edição limitada de 2000 bilhetes, permite entrada e saída de ambos os recintos, a qualquer momento) - €39,00. Estação do Rossio - €35,00. Coliseu dos Recreios - €30,00. in blitz online


WORKSHOP DE PRODUÇÃO DE MÚSICA - ABLETON LIVE, ORIENTADOR: MANUEL CALAPEZ, DUR. 16H - 80 EUROS, HORÁRIO: SAB E DOM, 30 de Junho, 1 de Julho 2007 11h ÀS 13H - 14h ÀS 20h, máx. 16 participantes. Objectivos: O workshop é baseado no Ableton Live 6, um dos programas mais intuitivos e versáteis em produção e performance musical e destina-se a todos os que procuram fazer a sua própria música, independentemente do estilo ou de conhecimentos anteriores. No fim do segundo dia, os participantes saberão samplar e adaptar clips de áudio, sobrepor linhas de baixo, rítmicas ou frases de sintetizador programadas em midi, misturar, equalizar, filtrar e aplicar efeitos. Estes conhecimentos serão utilizados não só para uma perspectiva de produção mas também de actuação sendo mostrado como preparar faixas para um Live act ou DJ set. Será também mostrado como gravar em directo uma actuação e como passá-la para cd. Todo o workshop assenta numa componente prática muito forte, sendo realizados exemplos pelo formador e de seguida por todos os participantes.Este é o programa para todos os que procuram um programa intuitivo de produção de música, sendo também o software de eleição para uma actuação ao vivo.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


SEXTA 22 JUNHO JOAKIM (!K7, VERSATILE, TIGERSUSHI - FRANÇA) Com um passado de música clássica, indie-rock e jazz, Joakim é, actualmente personagem principal da música electrónica francesa.Joakim descobriu a música electrónica através de um sintetizador esquecido em sua casa por um colega de escola, que mais tarde o levou de encontro a editoras indie e electrónica como a Warp e a Mo Wax. O seu primeiro álbum, Tiger Sushi era essencialmente electro-jazz, após o qual se direccionou para a música electrónica com Fantômes em 2003 e mais recentemente Monsters and Silly Songs (2007), no qual combina post-rock, disco, electrónica entre outras influências.Neste momento Joakim gere a editora Tiger Sushi através da qual lança um extenso espectro musical incluindo Maurice Fulton, ESG, Poni Hoax e Metro Area.Como sempre, a melhor e mais actual música do globo, no Trintaeum, a não perder...

Umbigo Magazine #21

Umbigo #21 alexandre nave [paisagem gelada com björk e pássaros]_the new erotic photography_circuit_puma french 77_carhartt com as rodas na lama_portuguese nuggets_david lynch_eric rohmer_ted noten_as jóias secretas de dali_jan fabre_mais vale uma mulher sexy na música clássica que uma mulher clássica na música sexy_o’questrada_músicos e anarquia_vector brigade_joão pedro vale_neo-realismo: a prossecução de um ideal objectivista_tom robbins_ destricted_sinestesia_arquitectural postcards from a convict_denim_sailing_street olé_pepe jeans em sundance 2007

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JR face 2 face book

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ray Caesar

"Não sei bem se é a Batwoman ou a Catwoman, mas lá estava ela envergando um vestido de alta-costura, sentada no seu canapé enquanto admirava o corvo enjaulado. Por seu lado, a menina bonita de vestido vermelho fazia bolas de sabão enquanto olhava pela janela. O gato maléfico com o coração visível contorcia-se em espasmos demoníacos. Com um penteado e vestido à la Marie Antoinette, a bela rapariga segura no seu cão enquanto que a miúda com braços de raiz se vê ao espelho com um cachimbo no ouvido. Será um conto de fadas? Sim, mas bem ao estilo do artista Ray Caesar. As características são evidentes. Têm a beleza, inocência e crueldade próprias destes contos. Mas quem é Ray Caesar? Um artista que veio de outro mundo? Talvez. Os seus trabalhos transportaram-me para outra dimensão e entrevistá-lo foi uma viagem através dos sentidos. Ele passa os dias imerso no seu próprio casulo a criar figuras mirabolantes e esse é o seu antídoto para caminhar no mundo em que vivemos, transportando para o mundo real um imaginário de doces e estranhas criaturas. Ray Caesar nem se lembra de quando começou a desenhar. Iniciou-se a pintar e esculpir antes de sequer saber que as pessoas faziam arte como uma forma de vida. «Não me imaginava a fazer arte como profissão quando era mais novo e não era uma opção no mundo em que cresci. Acredito que foi um processo gradual que se prendeu mais com obsessão do que com o desejo de fazer algo chamado “arte”... Para mim foi uma forma de criar e um escape para os mundos por mim criados e acho que é por essa razão que continuo. Nesses mundos eu encontro a paz e a calma difíceis de encontrar no mundo exterior»." Elsa Garcia, in revista umbigo #019


Sunday, June 17, 2007

SIMIAN MOBLIE DISCO - Attack Decay Sustain Release

SIMIAN MOBLIE DISCO - Attack Decay Sustain Release (Wichita) Comentários: James Ellis Ford & James Anthony Shaw mais conhecidos como Simian Mobile Disco, editam agora o seu mais recente trabalho "Attack Decay Sustain Release" sob o selo da editora Wichita, reúne 10 temas sérios, enérgicos e viciantes, um deles foi previamente apresentado no single "Its The Beat" em Março de 2007. A dupla encontra influências na electrónica dos oitentas (tem um gostinho de Technotronic "Pump up The Jam) e na musicalidade dos francófonos Daftpunk, abraçam as pistas de dança com uma energia frenética e algo mainstream sem que esta comprometa de todo o seu conceito. Recentemente remisturaram para artistas como os CSS "Let's Make Love..." e The Rapture "Yeah... Uh Huh". O positivismo incorporado por esta dupla dinânica fez com que figurassem algumas das suas músicas nas selecções de Shinichi Osawa e Spank Rock. Attack Decay Sustain Release vais estar disponível a partir do dia 18 de Junho nos formatos CD e Vinil. [Para Ouvir]

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Novidades - Compilações

VARIOUS - Cocoon Compilation G (Cocoon Germany) Comentários: One of the most successful Compilation series in Germany returns for it's next round, and with the letter 'G', Sven Väth and Pauli Steinbach of Cocoon Recordings consequently continue on the path they already followed before. The names from the tracklistings of previous volumes reads like the who's who of the Techno universe, featuring names such as Guy Gerber, James Holden and Roman Flugel, and this latest edition also represents a broad selection of both established and up and coming artists. House connoisseurs My My stand alongside deep tech house and live specialists Cobblestone Jazz, whilst Israeli newcomer Chaim is on hand with a distinctly tripped out summer time track called 'Genesis'. The rest of 'Compilation G' is made up with tracks from Stephan Bodzin, the legendary Tiefschwarz, Audion, Northern Ireland's favourite son Phil Kieran, and also Jamie Jones. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]

VARIOUS - Mute: Audio Documents 1978-1984 (Mute) Comentários: Going through the tracklisting here re-asserts the notion that Mute is nothing short of a national treasure - and with so many of the tracks here re-mastered and available on cd for the first time (not to mention the 20 bonus rarities included from the likes of Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode and Nick Cave) - "Mute Audio Documents" must surely rank as one of the most exciting collections of late 20th century independent music you're ever likely to own, and a must-have item for anyone with a deep interest in music generally. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE - ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER OF EDITIONS HAVE BEEN MADE! in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

VARIOUS - Nothing Much/Something More - A Best Of Minus (Minus Canada) Comentários: This two disc retrospective brings together one CD's worth of unmixed tracks compiled from the Minus label's estimable back catalogue and a further, as mixed by Troy Pierce. The first disc - a 'greatest hits' of sorts - opens up with Magda's '48 Hour Crack In Your Bass'. Onto the Troy Pierce mix CD, and you'll hear some of these same tracks recontextualised, threaded in amongst a slew of different selections, including several remixes of Heartthrob's 'Baby Kate' alongside cuts by Ambivalent, Tractile, Niederflur, Berg Nixon and I.A. Bericochea. An excellent - one-stop shop for some of Minus' finest moments, all brought together into a handy digital bundle. A fine package indeed. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


MOCHIPET - Disco Donkey

MOCHIPET - Disco Donkey (Daly City US) Comentários: Mochipet aka David Wang is back with a techno, electro, hyphy, experimental, musical extravaganza sure to make you shake your butt. Marked as his most danceable release to date (as dancy as Mochipet will ever get probably), Disko Donkey is a six track underground pool party with guests Ellen Allien, [a] pendics shuffle, PhonO, Caltrop, and much more. This party mule is ready to piñata, but don’t even try it, you can’t pin the Tale on this Donkey! in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Friday, June 15, 2007

PEOPLE PRESS PLAY - People Press Play

People Press Play (Morr Music) is the latest project embarked upon by Thomas Knak (Opiate) Anders Remmer (Dub Tractor) and Jesper Skaaning (Acustic) who together have previously recorded as Future 3 and System. For People Press Play, these three wise men of Danish electronica are joined by vocalist Sara Savery, who you may remember from the Bichi album on Knak's Hobby Industries imprint. The resultant combination of warm, intricate electronics and wispy shoegaze - informed pop dynamics makes for a truly addictive listen. Knak, Remmer and Skaaning are not only producers of the very highest calibre, they seem to share an uncannily similar approach to their material - you can really hear the various sonic aspects of their solo projects converging for a common aim here, with all the key themes that have characterised their prior work present and correct - bitcrushed dub rhythms, unashamed melodic romanticism and a uniquely accessible slant on electronic minimalism are all blissfully evident - but now with an added human presence. The beauty of the production really shines through on 'Studio' (appropriately enough), which is a real massage for the ears, boasting silky-smooth synths and a perfectly weighted bass to counteract the fizzing and crackling of those brittle percussive flourishes. By the time you get to final track, 'Stop', the album's taken on a whole new trajectory with the sort of lush overdriven textures that bring to mind My Bloody Valentine. Highly recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Thursday, June 14, 2007



Gigolo Germany @ Sonar Barcelona


CHROMEO - Fancy Footwork (Vice)

Montreal's Chromeo is a meeting of minds between P-Thugg and Dave 1, who pull off the nigh-on impossible in managing to make pseudo/ironic synth-pop bangers that actually amuse and please those dancing feet in equal measure. Title track 'Fancy Footwork' is a masterclass in getting tongue-in-cheek electro-disco right, whilst '100%' isn't the Sonic Youth cover you might have been hoping for, but a Hall & Oates-style slow jam. Over on the B-side, 'Bonafied Lovin' sounds exactly as the title suggests, whilst 'Momma's Boy' is an extremely daft poodle rock guitar wigout. The second 10' is dedicated to remixes of the title track, one by Philippe Zdar and another by Guns 'N' Bombs which positively wrings the nu-rave potential out of the original. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mixtape #02 Astro Pastor

01.The Dining Rooms - Susanna 2000
02.Atmosfear - Cosmik Traces (interlude)
03.Tokyo Space Cowboys - Space Children
04.Cricco Castelli & Dodo Fiori - Hits For The Bong
05.LTJ X-PERIENCE - Moon Beat
06.Mo´horizons - Prince Charles' Latest Affair
07.Puccio Roelens - Switch Off
Astro Pastor »» mixtape


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DIGITALISM - Idealism (Kitsune)

Hamburg's Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefecki have earned their stripes notching up classy remixes for Klaxons, Depeche Mode, The Futureheads, Cut Copy and Test Icicles and after a slew of singles they've finally done the decent thing and offloaded a full album's worth of material. After the Daft Punk-influenced opener'Magnets', one of those aforementioned singles, 'Zdarlight' drops in with its glistening, midtempo electro-rock production in full glory. 'I Want I Want' takes a more obviously song-oriented slant, keeping a firm 4/4 beat template but throwing in some Strokes-y guitars and a distorted vocal. Next up is 'Idealistic', another corker of a single, rammed with ferocious filtered synths and killer melodies. Best of all is the most recent single to be lifted from the album 'Pogo'. The more you hear it the more it sounds like a simply classic pop song - overloaded with hooks that musters up a sound at times akin to New Order, while also maintaining a punk-fuelled edginess. Of course, the band's signature glossiness sheens over the whole affair making it ripe for dancefloor devastation. Further in, 'The Pulse' proves that the duo can more than cut the mustard when they quit with the singing and go all out to make a bonafide club banger. Definitely one of the more interesting indie-dance crossover acts around at the moment, Digitalism are certainly onto something. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


MATTHEW DEAR - Asa Beed (Ghostly)

DEAR, Matthew - Asa Beed (Ghostly International) Comentários: Matthew Dear's "Asa Breed" finds the Detroit based electronic artist achieving new artistic heights - it's more robust, more accessible, and yet still undeniably Matthew Dear. Incorporating his uniquely crafted textures alongside rhythmic influences from Brian Eno & David Byrne's classic "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts", plus a lyrical storytelling element from his Texas upbringing, "Asa Breed" is a completely unique musical experience. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]


DEEP CHORD - Vantage Isle (Echospace Detroit)

"Vantage Isle" also boasts a rare remix effort from Convextion, three new Deepchord mixes and four versions from Echospace - there are 10 tracks here spread across 6 sides of vinyl, beautifully mastered and cut in Detroit by the legendary Ron Murphy and handpackaged by the Echospace crew with all the bespoke attention to detail you might expect from a package of this nature. The music, well, its just vintage Deepchord : kicking off with the mighty DC version of the title track, a lilting Maurizio-style killer that seems to hover over its own percussion with a million shards of space-echo and reverb breaking out of the mix - pure, hazy brilliance. The debut Echospace "Glacial" mix is up next and more or less sums up what this collaborative pairing is all about - a towering wall of fuzz and washes of delay drench the mix in a cascading variation of the primary dub sound-palette, an analogue leviathan that just blew my mind listening to on headphones - mighty, mighty stuff. On to the Convextion mix : and you get just about what you expect - the spacial hemorrhage of the original squashed into a pulsing BASS killer, sparse yet menacing, the chords taking on their own signature sound - deconstructing and re-building itself into something you could only really describe as epic. The bonus 7" (pressed on lovely transparent vinyl) offers up another version each from Deepchord and Echospace and rounds things off perfectly - the Basic Channel continuum once again casting its incantation over its legions of drooling followers, with this release finding one of their most sought-after, well-realised transmissions to date. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



FENNESZ SAKAMOTO - Cendre (Touch) Comentários: The fact that you're on this site and reading this review assumes you're of a certain musical disposition, and if you are in any way interested in the more beautiful things in life, the sensitive yet experimental end of modern music - pay close attention as this album is just about as good as it gets. I first heard "Cendre" a few weeks back and it blew me away instantly. Christian Fennesz and Sakamoto working on a full album together? Yes, and rather than go down the route of their previous short-form collaboration 'Sala Saint Cecilia' (which was drifting and sometimes impenetrable), "Cendre" is an album focused on layered harmonies and simplicity. Taking Sakamoto's signature piano work (think 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence' and you're on the right track) and classic Fennesz production ('Endless Summer', 'Venice', '"Plays") 'Cendre' feels like the perfect meeting of minds - and while it might be obvious to reference Sakamoto's high-profile collaborative work with Carsten Nicolai, these two musicians seem much more evenly matched. Sakamoto's haunting motifs may be wrapped up in sheets of harmonic noise, but they never become overwhelming - rather this is an album which revolves around subtlety and attention to detail. The emphasis here is on an almost Zen-like calmness and the restraint around which the two have balanced the album is just hard to fathom. It's the sort of record that can change your mood, but without resorting to cliché or emphasis on 'ambience'; it is optimistic and life-affirming but never over-wraught, I wouldn't even say that it is sentimental. Cendre, rather, is an album that you can imagine piecing together your own stories to, an album which is primed for you to remember ten or twenty years down the line, leaving you with that nameless, warm, fuzzy nostalgia and a heavy heart. I don't even think I need to mention Eno or Harold Budd do I? Absolutely gorgeous, and without a doubt one of the finest, loveliest records you'll hear this year. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, June 11, 2007

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