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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Destaques: Electro | Breakbeat

MANASYT - One of the most hotly anticipated electro albums of the year, already receiving support from artists as diverse as Dave Clarke, DJ Stingray [Urban Tribe], Andrea Parker, Alex Smoke, Marco Bernardi, and Adam X to name but a few. Bulgarian Petar Tassev is as influenced by thrash metal bands such as Voivod and Godflesh as he is the post-industrial techno sounds of Ultradyne. As MANASYt, he fuses these influences into a style of complex industrial electro and techno that is completely his own. Having built up a considerable body of work in a relatively short space of time, on labels such as Roulette Rekordz, Touchin' Bass, Bunker and Kommando 6, he brings us his Tales Of Ignorance LP on Glasgow's MNX Recordings, the first long player for the label. Referring to his own style as "Neuro Illektro", the sound is cold, synthetic and damaged, with elements of EBM, Sci-Fi soundtracks, and early Underground Resistance and The Mover thrown into the mix. Limited to 500 copies, and beautifully presented in full picture jacket designed by cult graphic artist Fi$T. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
CLATTERBOX - Destination London (Cheap Austria) Comentários: The return of Patrick Pulsinger's excellent Cheap imprint, their first release since 2004! Not only that - but this latest twelve from David Kempston Clatterbox project is quite easily the best thing on the label for some years and features Kempston's most advanced productions to date across 4 tracks of electroid dancefloor variations that work a treat. Opening track "Press On" nestles itself somewhere between classic Clear-period British electronica a la Gescom and the crisp melodic anthems Carl Craig released under the BFC moniker - and, needless to say, is just immense. "Teico" on the flip, meanwhile, is a more robust electro edit that's just incredibly well produced - the sound of malfunctioning robots paired up with some truly horizontal strings and pads, while "Teico2" ends the EP with its most straightforward track - spacious neu-electro of the highest order. Brilliant twelve - investigate immediately. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
ULTRADYNE - Wrath Of The Almighty (Pi Gao Movement US) Comentários: The mysterious Ultradyne duo have been making some of the most interesting and unique electro music to grace a turntable in recent years. Previously they have referred to their hometown of Detroit as their training ground, but thats where the connection ends; theirs is a revolutionary new music that does not fit any regional pigeonhole, looking to the sounds of the past to find the true meaning of tomorrow. They have a multitude of high quality releases to their credit dating back to 1993, with even the strangest and most impenetrable tracks on first listen finally revealing themselves to be diamonds in the rough. The adventurous listener will be prepared to make the required effort to penetrate the appeal of this group, and the fact that Ultradyne let the music do the talking and are rarely unmasked has not done them any harm in the development of a strong cult following around the world. 4 tracks of uncompromising experimental techno designed for those who obey their machine of ideas, Ultradyne make the kind of dark, alien electro that truly is peerless. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
SILICON aka HEATH BRUNNER - Sonic Rescue (Frustrated Funk) Comentários: Fast paced hydraulic techno electro from Detroits Silicon aka Heath Brunner (Vmax, KMS). This is the follow up for the Sonic Distress ep. Sharp beats and very much in an updated Model 500 style. Very cool underground electro for those who couldn't care less which hat the latest trend is, or what the big names play in the big rooms!. This is the perfect soundtrack for a dark basement full of smoke and strobe light... or just for late night driving! (Limited smoked green vinyl). in clone [Para Ouvir]
UB313 - Mysterioso (Fortune8) Comentários: UB313 the new brainchild of Lee Purkis aka In Sync under which he works alongside friends Dominic Tomlinson, Neil Brett and Pete Walker of Pyramid Transmissions. The project stands as a collective of producers upon which any number or variations of artists might appear using this same name. For their debut appearance the group bring is three amazing and classic sounding UK Techno tracks on In Sync's own Fortune8 label. Music that would be perfectly at home on landmark albums like "Bytes" by Black Dog or even some of the Evolution / Universal Language stuff. Pure and meaningful music that proves just how emotional Techno can be when the machines are in the right hands and the guys pushing the buttons know what Techno stands for. On the flip we have the perfect remixers for the job - The Black Dog. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



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