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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SUB VERSION - Sub Version

SUB VERSION - Sub Version (Future Dub Germany) Comentários: An album for BASS purists, this long-awaited, brilliantly anonymous double album comes to us from the musical union of Jay Haze, Michael Ho and Paul St Hilaire, aka Tikiman - and as the sales notes put it "... it's an album of COLOSSAL bass and resonance" that's just about the most original low-end session you'll hear this year. Following on from their notable inclusion on the epic Soul Jazz compilation "Box Of Dub", this is the first commercially available material from SV and has got us all a little hot under the collar in the office - it's just so good to hear BASS music function outside of the formulaic confines that have beleaguered sections of this scene for the last few months. The album opens in apt style with "Evil", and if Tikiman's ghostly dispatch immediately sparks off fanciful thoughts of Rhythm & Sound lending themselves to dubstep, the metallic percussion and long, drawn-out shudder of BASS wakes you up to the fierce and original constructions taking place at the outset of this impressive album. "Forgot The Virus" is another towering edifice, this time mangling the bassline to a more familiar warehouse wobble, a cacophony of whirrs and stabs arranging themselves in an unfamiliar yet progressively gratifying manner - tame sh*t this ain't. "Rise Up" is another shocking production, a submerged synth arpeggio somehow managing to edge further and further into the lower registers while Tikiman does his thing, while "No Easy Solution" ends the album with its most astonishing track - hoover sweeps and shockout snare delays merging Rave, Hardcore and Bashment sensibilities into one endlessly deep stretch of LOW-END disruption. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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