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Thursday, January 31, 2008

HUDSON, Ronnie/DR DRE- West Coast Pop Lock

HUDSON, Ronnie/DR DRE- West Coast Pop Lock (Electro Eternal) Comentários: This latest Electro Eternal repress kicks off with Ronnie Hudson’s 1982 West Coast barbeque classic ‘West Coast Pop Lock’, originally an electro funk rework of Zapp’s ‘So Ruff So Tuff’ and of course latterly better known as the major basis of 2Pac’s ‘California Love’. A serious tune! The flipside is a whole new ball game, one of the early crucial examples of Dr. Dre’s turntable skills, this jam throwdown with the Unknown DJ originally appeared on Jam and Lewis’s Saturn Records. scratching 100 speakers is an all time breaker’s anthem, for a long time a frenzied over Ebay item so it comes as some relief to finally have it available for the masses. Touched by the magic hand of Daniel Sofer who appeared on all the classic early West Coast electro 12”s from Kid Frost’s ‘Terminator’ to the Wreckin’ Cru’s ‘Surgery’ – pretty essential! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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NUBIAN MINDZ - New World Chaos

NUBIAN MINDZ - New World Chaos (Archive Italy) Comentários:Like many producers of their generation London-based outfit Nubian Mindz has been marked by Detroit's deep and harsh techno sound, unlike most of their peers, they have managed to take it further. On the debut "New Year Chaos", Colin Lindo and Da Elite successfully fuse pure Detroit techno (similar to Carl Craig's) with Londonian Drum & Bass rhythms (there even are some basslines that almost have Grooverider written on it). Add to that a tribal flavor (does not sound as bad an idea as it reads) and you get "New World Chaos" a truly deep techno LP with a sustained level of harshness and mystery that will no doubt leave an indelible mark on the listener's mind. Who cares about "New World Order" when you can enjoy the chaos of "State of mind" or "Planet Electro"? in tigersushi [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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NU ERA - Broken Techno EP

NU ERA - Broken Techno EP (Archive Italy) Comentários: A perfect Detroit techno homage as much as an exemplary Broken Techno cut. The more secretive half of 4 Hero cheekily recreates broken beat's groove using traditional techno equipment -TB 303 et al.- effortlessly browsing through a ten year music history to recreate deep and eye-catching tracks. Two fantastic cuts -Marz 2010 and Cydonia- open and end this essential release. Mandatory. in tigersushi [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Triple R - Selection 6

Triple R - Selection 6 (Trapez Germany) Comentários: Continuing on from last year, Selection 6 smashes 21 cuts into an hour of music. Now detractors might argue that this rapid turnover only serves to hide the mediocre moments, but the mixing is at times sublime and very much seems to be about highlighting quality rather than obfuscating defects. The switch between Mauler’s ‘Hybrid’ and 3 Channels´ blinding ‘It’s Getting’ Kinda Hectic’ is a case in point, emphasising the slickness and the pressure in each. Similarly, the drift from Bülent Gürler’s ‘Koala’ into SLG’s ‘Earthworm’ fuses the former’s naturalist bent with the later’s disorientating bleeps to create a compelling bio-tech hybrid. Certainly the transitions are vastly improved from earlier sets, notably Selection 3 for example.The overall sound doesn’t deviate too much from classic Trapez minimal despite the absence of big names from past issues such as Und, Dominik Eulberg and Jeff Samuel. Reinhold himself only contributes an edited unreleased track (‘Secret History’) to open the set, whereas the biggest player is Madrid’s Alex Under, chiming in with three tracks, two of them unreleased remixes of his ‘Trapezones Erectos’. Selection 6 is minimal yes, but also with an occasional subtle neo-trance edge at times in both the mixing, to play off the pressure changes, and also at the core of many tracks. The result is a more driving and consciously psychedelic sound that is less rigid than straighter minimal, particularly in the opening half. Salvatore Freda & Massimo Stefanelli’s ‘Endless Ride’, one of the more neo-trance cuts, is one of the sets highlights, while the complicated arrangement of Mihalis Safras’ ‘R2’ has enough oomph to enough to lift itself to a dizzy peak. And just when you think a sterile glitch mood could take over, Reggy Von Oers’ ‘Metza’ slowly turns the mix all light headed and dazzling, while Safra’s unreleased mix of Alex Under’s ‘Trapezones Erectors’ is less trance, but certainly beefy, banging and playful.The other unreleased tracks, which mostly fall towards the end of the set, are a mixed bunch. Roland Dill’s ‘Modus Operandy’ is a little bleepy while still retaining a compelling beat, while Florian Meindl’s ‘Subfocus’ suggests that 2008 will continue to offer more ups and downs for Trapez. But overall, Selection 6 is an unquestionable return to form for the Reinhold and his label, suggesting that like Robert de Niro in Raging Bull, you might get one over him from time to time, but you’ll never knock him down. in ra [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Alexander O'Neal Criticize


Download Mix
Here is a Download link to one of my dj Sets I`ve mixed a few months ago.(old but gold) f.l.o. in the Mix [Myspace]


CANGELLI, Franco - Highway

CANGELLI, Franco - Highway (Aesthetik France) Comentários: A solid Detroitish techno ep from Franco Cangelli. Digging deep into his roots, he delivers 3 brilliant tracks that exemplify the machine soul of techno. ‘Highway’ pulsates with deep bass kicks, slowly evolves to a rhythmic orgy of beautiful detroitish chord layers. Future classic deep techno. The darker and moody ‘Things Coming Together’, works the dancefloor with classic 808 sounds, a square bassline, dark strings and a nasty, sticky melody. DBX meets Detroit. ‘Presumably So’ starts off on a minimal trip slowly evolving into a funky track with a moving bass string, squelchy electrifying sounds and a sweet pad to add a nice deep touch. Reynold then comes along with a mind shaking remix, funky chords, electro bassline, building up to an unrelenting dancefloor experience. Dj-support from Paul Mac, Ben Sims, Reynold, Estroe, Fabrice Lig, Adam Marshall, Angel Molina, Russ Gabriel, Lee Holman... in cbs [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Myspace]

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Take/Lukid - "Navigators"


Sunday, January 27, 2008


Freedom Of Creation created a shoe that will dominate Onitsuka Tiger's international brand campaign in 2008. Freedom Of Creation (FOC) designers Janne Kyttanen and Mads Thomsen have conceived the meter-long shoe for ad agency StrawberryFrog. It will be part of the Electric Tiger Land campaign that the Amsterdam-based agency created for Onitsuka Tiger. Dubbed Electric Light Shoe, the object is manufactured using rapid prototyping techniques, for which FOC developed a partnership with Fcubic (Sweden) and CTES (Spain). The shoe contains an entire city, including intersecting streets, luminous store banners and various buildings. One part of the shoe magically transforms into a landing strip for jets, while the typical Onitsuka Tiger side bands become highways.Electric Tiger Land will make use of a variety of communication tools, among which miniatures of Electric Light Shoe used for luminous USB memory keys and for metal key rings. Other promotional initiatives include totem-like tower displays, shoe displays and scaled shoe models (40 cm and 70 cm) that recall the aesthetics of the campaign to be found in Onitsuka Tiger stores world-wide.View a video of the making of the shoe here. in frame magazine

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Naoto Fukasawa ::::..

Minimalist product designer Naoto Fukasawa sits down to discuss his design philosophy with Kenya Hara. in theme magazine »» [here]

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No.223 Lin Zhi Peng:::..

No. 223, or Lin Zhi Peng, stirs up controversy with his highly sexualized photography and is out to draw attention to the art created by the youth of China. But Lin’s elements—the snapshot aesthetic, half-naked bodies, and occasional prurient leer of the camera lens—have less in common with Richardson’s full-frontal wish fulfillment than it does with the stylized documentation of, say, Wolfgang Tillmans or Ryan McGinley. Lin, a former magazine editor at Guangzhou’s entertainment tabloid Modern Weekly, named himself “No. 223” after the lovelorn cop played by Takeshi Kaneshiro in Wong Kar-wai’s cult classic Chungking Express. A voracity for international fashion mags led No. 223 to begin snapping his own portraits, turning a Lomo on his circle of friends. Their friendship and desire to see themselves as a part of a global youth culture allowed Lin to capture images that would have been difficult to imagine coming out of China in the not-too-distant past. “A lot of my friends do creative things, so they are probably more open than most. This allows me to photograph them the way I do. They understand what I’m doing,” says Lin. in theme magazine »» [here]

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NUBLU ORCHESTRA - Sketches Of NYC - Underground Resistance Remixes

NUBLU ORCHESTRA conducted by BUTCH MORRIS - Sketches Of NYC - Underground Resistance Remixes (Nublu France) Comentários: Cradled deep in the heart of Loisaida at Avenue C, New York, with nothing more than a tiny one hundred watt blue light bulb to let you know you have arrived, is Nublu, a club that opened its doors some two years ago. A performance space owned and operated by tenor saxophonist and composer Ilhan Ersahin.The Nublu Sound is what made the necessity for Nublu Records clear. Whereas many labels develop out of a few people’s desire to go out and search for music, Nublu Records came about because of the need for a vehicle to spread the music coming from inside the club.The Nublu Orchestra is assembled by the musicians that call Nublu their home: band-members of Brazilian Girls, Wax Poetic, Kudu, Forro in the Dark, and Love Trio and regular Nublu guests Graham Haynes and Eddie Henderson all sit under the baton of Butch Morris. The tracks from the recently released full-length beg for remixes, and the Underground Resistance militiamen take up the task for ‘Sketches of NYC’. The I-80 Mix is a big-room thumper, using a scatted vocal line and dissonant horn-hits from the original, to add drama to the build of an acid bassline and some tastefully tribal drums. The Seventh Tunnel mix falls squarely in the tech jazz genre that was essentially invented by the Detroit collective. The original elements are used generously, with what seems like a grace note on the upright being turned into a looped bassline, over which the lead vocals and saxophone ping back and forth.This is a must have! in electronicpm [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, January 26, 2008


FACELESS MIND aka LUKE EARGOGGLE - Faceless (Creme Eclipse Holland) Comentários: Luke Eargoggle on the Creme sublabel Creme Eclipse with classic Dopplereffekt icecold robotic electro tracks. Comes with a VCS2600 remix. Limited. in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Mixtape #10 Ka§par, the funky ghost!

01- Nat King Cole : Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Capitol)
02- Rae&Christian : Flashlight (Kinetic)
03- Coldcut : Space Journey - Nautilus remix (Ninja Tune)
04- Mos Def : Jam On It - edit (Ecko)
05- Seiji : Loose Lips - vocal (Bitasweet)
06- Stacey Pullen : Juke (Science)
07- Afro Force : Goza (2000Black)
08- Theo Parrish : Can Take It (Sound Signature)
09- P'taah : Crossing - Opaque remix (Ubiquity)
10- Recloose : Ghost Stories (Planet E)
11- Mr Velcro Fastener : Knot Six (i220)
12- Akufen : Deck the House - Herbert stops like this mix (Force Traxx)
13- Cybotron : Clear (Fantasy)
14- Kraftwerk : Numbers (EMI)
15- Azymuth : Pieces of Ipanema - Mark Pritchard remix (FarOut)
16- Metro Area : Machine Vibes (Environ)
17- Flying Fish : Lucy's Song (Cookin' Records)
18- Cornell Campbell : King of My Empire (Burial Mix)
19- New Order : Blue Monday (Factory Communications)
20- Chopin : Nº 16 em Mi bemol Op. 55, nº2 (His Master's Voice)
[Download] [Myspace]
"Gravado em 2003, em alguns aspectos reflecte a minha inocência/ambição musical mais fusionista/futurista, e é um documento curioso sobre aquilo que me inspirava e motivava numa fase já passada da minha visão do dj'ing..."Ka§par


Friday, January 25, 2008

Robag Whrume - Konnex


Douglas Greed - Balldate


New Jamie Lidell for 2008!!



HARMONIC 313 - EP 1 (Warp) Comentários: Mark Pritchard is clearly a busy guy, with fingers in so many stylistic pies and projects its hard to keep up with him. A quick look over at discogs brings up 21 working aliases, among them the legendary Global Communication, Link and Reload, alongside more recent collaborative work with Steve Spacek (dubstep) and the lovely library music stylistics of Harmonic 33, a project linked to but not to be confused with Harmonic 313, his curent moniker of choice and latest project to be handled and released by his friends at warp. Lo-slung blunted Detroit-style instrumental Hip Hop is the order of the day here, and Pritchard once again displays his productive dexterity with 5 cuts that Dabrye, Flying Lotus or indeed Dilla would have been proud of. Speak and Spell provides the opening to the multi-faceted "Solve It", with "Problem 1" delivering a squelchy 8-bit accompaniment to fresh, incredibly loose beats. The low-end registers dominate proceedings, but not without an airy percussive vibe that keeps things in perfect balance. In short - SICK stuff. Across the 5 "problems" different variations on the theme are explored, ranging from the reverberating sublow of "Problem 3" to the shimmering strings and keys of "Problem 4", and the closing speak and spell solo on "Problem 5". Forever inventive and utterly impressive - "EP1" is an absolute MUST for followers of Pritchard and blunted Detroit Hip Hop alike. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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PROSUMER & MURAT TEPELI - Serenity (Ostgut Ton Germany) Comentários: Ostgut is a rare breed among techno imprints - it consistently manages to turn out excellent albums. This much anticipated collaboration between Prosumer and Murat Tepeli has already been the subject of much critical attention and follows on from the excellent single "Turn Around" released a couple of weeks back. Featuring the occasional vocal contribution from Elif Bicer and Prosumer himself, the album opens with the velveteen lounge stylings of "Serenity" - setting the pace and the mood for much of what follows. The album hits its best stride with the instrumental version of "Believe" - a brilliantly executed exercise in layered House reduction with an emotive Fender Rhodes underlay that works a treat. "Latenight" is also brilliant - a beautifully spacious bassline cut that revolves around shimmering keys and nifty warehouse-style percussion that works a treat. "Devotion", meanwhile, is a slowed down House number that just oozes grace and sophistication, in the best possible sense. Lovely stuff - and highly recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Disco Not Disco (Digital Edition)

Disco Not Disco: Post Punk, Electro and Leftfield Disco Classics 1974-1986 Strut Records were there first. When the DFA brought the human touch back to dance music; when the DFA recorded the first sweaty palm slapping the first bass string of The Rapture’s Sub Pop debut; when their leader James Murphy picked up a mic and delivered his State of the Scene address ‘Losing My Edge’ (“I was the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids”). When all this happened, Strut were there. Standing on the sidelines, shaking their heads and waving a copy of Disco Not Disco. DND preceded the punk funk explosion by a good two years, and pre-empted it with tracks already two decades old. It featured the earliest guitar bands to use their instruments to rock discotheques—Material, Loose Joints, Was (Not Was)—and formed the template for the DFA sound. By the time ‘House of Jealous Lovers’ hit the charts, Strut had released two compilations of “leftfield disco classics from the New York underground” and soon sold out of both.But it’s 2008, and no one talks about “punk funk” any more. Surely Disco Not Disco has nothing left to offer? Well, from the opening tracks of the new edition, the continuing relevance of the series is obvious. A whole generation of bands has followed Murphy’s example and “sold their turntables and bought guitars”—and for the likes of CSS, Cut Copy and Klaxons, the original dance rock acts are essential listening. Still, compilers Quinton Scott and Last Night A DJ Saved My Life author Bill Brewster know when it’s time to move on. With a James White & The Blacks remix by August Darnell AKA Kid Creole they bridge the gap between punk funk and disco, just like DFA have, and their recent signings (Holy Ghost, Mock & Toof, Prinzhorn Dance School) could learn a lot here. The oddities that close the disc include precursors of nu disco, electro and techno, which begs the question: is there an electronic genre that wasn’t invented in New York City between 1974 and 1986?So the latest DND follows the same arc and tells the same broad story as previous volumes, but the songs are so full of experiments and happy accidents that even the oldest (34 years old!) sound fresh. The loose-limbed, low-slung funk of Shriekback’s ‘My Spine Is A Bassline’ permits surreal lyrics and a broken viola “solo”, and on ‘Mind Your Own Business’ the solid bottom end provided by two basses allows Delta 5’s double tracked vocals to run riot. When Konk’s bassist was off partying with one of Madonna’s dancers (you gotta *heart* NY) they used sequencers for the first time to create ‘Your Party’: an extended jam of drum machines, live percussion, sax and chanting. A Number Of Names’ lo-fi production of their proto-techno track ‘Sharevari’ gives it a raw edge and, next to the pristine 2002 remixes by Ectomorph and The Hacker & Vitalic, it sounds like the dance equivalent of a garage band.Anyone who has either of the previous Disco Not Discos already knows this is indispensable. Everyone else lucked out—because you finally have the chance to hear a seminal slice of classic music that continues to make its influence felt. Just make sure you pick this up before it sells out. in resident advisor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cat Power - Jukebox (2008)

Now available on limited edition deluxe vinyl. A long-awaited sequel to Chan Marshall's The Covers Record, Jukebox finds everyone's favourite Chanel model tackling songs by Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Billie Holliday, Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell among others. As was the case with her version of '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' on her last covers LP, Marshall takes a pop culture classic and radically reconfigures it for her album opener (Sinatra's 'New York' in this case), which drifts into the gorgeous, reverberant tones of Hank Williams' 'Ramblin' (Wo)man'. The song is framed by deep shimmers of lead guitar, playing off against Marshall's incredible voice - which has probably never sounded so good. Significantly, you could argue that the two most successful recordings on the album are of Cat Power originals. The first is a new, piano-driven version of 'Metal Heart'. Having originally appeared as a career highlight on Moon Pix, the song is given a new lease of life as a powerful blues ballad. Certain die hard fans will insist that it's not as good as the original, but you'd have a hard time arguing this new interpretation isn't awesome in its own right. It features a wonderful performance not only from Marshall herself, but her band too, who are made up by indie rock royalty like Jim White and Judah Bauer. Bob Dylan has clearly always been a major influence on Cat Power's career: he gets a couple of nods on The Covers Record, and Marshall delivered an awesome impression of him on the I'm Not There soundtrack. Now, on Jukebox she tackles 'I Believe In You', but then goes even further, dedicating a new song of her own, 'Song To Bobby' to not-quite meeting the great man himself, and in so doing mimics Dylan's own writing brilliantly. While an entirely new Cat Power album would have been nice, there's undoubtedly something special about the way Chan Marshall tackles other people's music, and furthermore, her voice sounds just incredible on these recordings. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Part1] [Part2]

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CLARK - Body Riddle

CLARK - Body Riddle (Warp) Comentários: 'Body Riddle' plunders Clark's evident love of music for inspiration - as 'Matthew Unburdened' billows beneath prog-rock clouds, 'Herzog' has a disco spasm and 'Vengeance Drools' evokes a seedy after-hours bar all viewed through the bottom of a film-noir shot glass. Thickly layered and flitting effortlessly between rimy instrumentation one moment and fizzing analogue the next, 'Body Riddle' might not represent a sonic leap - but what it does prove is that Clark is evolving into a far more rounded figure than many of his peers will ever be. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MAHJONGG - Kontpab

MAHJONGG - Kontpab (K US) Comentários: Congratulations, just by reading this your life may well change forever. You have now taken the first step out of The Grid and into The Sphere. Consider this an introduction into the vast teachings of our God Kontpab. This is also where you can meet the Chicago Kontpab Sect "Mahjongg," so please join us, as we are all Kontpab. But first, a little history. Originally formed in the great bounteous Midwest region of the United States "Mahjongg" began as a simple experiment between The Grid and The Sphere. To attract the brood orientation of the young mind, Mahjongg knew the only way to spread Kontpab's message was by forming a musiK band. This ever-expanding Sect uses "irratainment" to teach the warnings and Revelations of the almighty god Kontpab. Kontpab basically warns the human race of the mass "funneling" of the populace minds into The Grid. Once trapped in The Grid themselves, Kontpab instructed Mahjongg to make a pilgrimage to Chicago, IL., where they would form their first "warning orbs," at local art spaces and bars, and in turn be shown the light that is The Sphere. It was during this time that the Machinegong EP was recorded, and their first attempt to leave Kontpab's message sublimated in the patricians of the clubs was a success. Kontpab showed Mahjongg that The Grid's seemingly well-defined rules and laws could in fact be used against The Grid itself. Many not briefed on the vast Kontpab religion will never fully understand Mahjongg during their "Warning Orbs," so they cut another album to set into stone what Kontpab had clearly shown them: Raydoncong 2005 . Again using The Grid's vast amalgam of mathematical tools against itself, The Sect were able to demonstrate to the brood, for instance with prime numbered polyrhythms, that not only was the path to The Sphere full of spectacle and self awakening, but pharmaceuticals, beer, and dancing as well. It was here that Mahjongg became not only teacher, but student, and this is where The Chicago Sects association with the Water Babies began. Born into the great Chicago winter of '06 in the septic rivers of the Magikal Forest, the Water Babies used Kontpabs undivided and all seeing power to unlock The Sphere's greatest secret: improvisation. With these new teachings from the almighty Kontpab, Mahjongg was able to create a new church and recording studio for the Chicago Sect. Soon the tapestries of aural chaos were tempered and perfected. Software was upgraded and drums tuned. With nervous but relevant hair follicles and motley threads, Mahjongg hit the scene. Many eons of "Warning Orbs" have since commenced, but the human race still chooses to "funnel" into The Grid. It is because of this that Mahjongg is left with no choice but to invoke the name of our great God almighty itself. And it is with this name we proudly present to you our new album, Kontpab. For we are all Kontpab. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Mixtape #09 João Boullosa

samin - springbreak
marcus worgull - under the sycamore
vector lovers - dusk panorama
tiefschwarz - no more trouble
ricardo villalobos - unflug
shit robot - triumph
smith n hack - space warrior
dusty kid - milk
henrik schwarz - jimis 2006 mix
3petter - untight
bjoern torsk - spelunker


MILLS, Jeff - Gamma Player Compilation Vol 1: The Universe By Night

MILLS, Jeff - Gamma Player Compilation Vol 1: The Universe By Night (Axis) Comentários: Every so often (usually at this time of year) Jeff Mills endeavours to deliver some kind of limited edition item to keep us on our toes. Last year it was the immense "One Man Spaceship" album, the year before the "Contact Special" set and now we find ourselves in the presence of this super limited cd to mark the opening of his "Gamma Player" boutique in Chicago, a mighty 16 track collection of the most elusive, sought after and near-mythical material from the man himself, including tracks from the unreleased album "Hearing Channel", worthy the cost of admission alone. Beautifully packaged and limited to a couple of hundred commercially available copies in these shores, its a blend of deepest techno reductions, percussive edits, space drones and evocative arrangements that have been a mark of the last few Mills releases - arguably his most creatively successful stretch in many years. We've only secured a very small amount of these, and after the insane demand for last year's "One Man Spaceship" we don't expect them to last very long....ACT FAST! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Mire Project

"The mire.project, started in November 2005, is a long term approach of street art expression in the streets of Paris and elsewhere on the subject of television test pattern. Initially used to evaluate the quality of cathode ray tube displays, it is not for that reason that the test pattern owes its world-wide popularity. Until the beginning of 80's, the test pattern was broadcast at the end of the programs of most television channels, to fill the cathodic vacuum during the night. At this time, the television was stopping, like us, in order to sleep. Nowadays the test pattern is becoming more rare, channels are broadcasting programs day and night without interruption, never. If you are about 30 years old today in 2006, you should already have seen a television test pattern. this multicoloured image, going with monotonous and hypnotic sound, is without a doubt engraved on your mind. In return, if you are less than 30 years old, this emblematic image had probably not the same impact on you. Nowadays, the «end of tv programs» is past, the test pattern is henceforth extremely rare. The test pattern is a very strong universal symbol, evoking the world of television and media. It summarizes itself, with a few strips of colors and grey gradations, the whole cathodic era, its consequences on the world and the ascendancy that the television can have over us, our life, our everyday life. The test pattern is also, in a way, a logo, as famous as Mickey's ears or the yellow «M» of Mc Donalds. But what is the test pattern advertising for? Nothing. It does not have any commercial goal, contrary to most logos. A mass communication, but nothing to sell: a perfect anti-advertising. Isn't it a surprising paradox? Are there other emblematic images so famous but without having nothing to sell? Nobody never tried to do the promotion of the test pattern, but nevertheless everybody knows it. Isn't it amazing? The test pattern is also not so far from the famous slogan «Big Brother is watching you», extracted from the novel 1984 by George Orwell. It has got in all homes, without being invited. It has often been at the center of the main room, conveyed by a television erected as a totem. The purpose of the mire.project is not to denounce or to criticize the world of television. The mire.project is neither militant of something, nor anti anything. Its purpose is mainly to send that subliminal image back to the eyes of people, in order to arouse, I hope, some reaction and reflection on what television has become, the powerful impact it has on populations and, more generally, on the phenomenon of screen addiction whatever they are (television, computer, phone, etc). Its purpose is also artistic and aesthetic. I hope!" in woostercollective

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TAKE - Ultra Plus EP

TAKE - Ultra Plus EP (Inner Current US) Comentários: Take returns with a bonus EP featuring remixes from the album and new output. Featured are the album favourite ‘Slouched Over’; a collaboration between Take and young London beat kid Lukid (Werk Records) on ‘Navigators’; the instrumental version of “Dream Suite”, from the “ Earhtones and Concrete” release, which featured MC Dutchmassive. Side A finishes off with the grimy hard-hitting sounds of RAS G (Poobah Records), remixing “Golden Gate Reflections.” Ras takes the original and completely flips it putting his signature swing on things. The B side starts off with a brand new track from Take. “Bee Sting” is a blunted up-tempo number that buzzes with a dirty 80s electro vibe. The 2nd track on the B- Side, ‘You high’, comes courtesy of Daedelus (Ninja Tune, Plug Research), followed by ‘Like a drum’, a collab between Take and Domu. Check! in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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cassette wallet

Quem disse que a clássica K7 morreu nos anos 90? Nos tempos que decorrem a cassette deixou de competir com o armamento digital, mas assumiu funções particulares como a de um objecto de design típico do séc. XXI. "Rretro wallets hand-made from cassette tapes. because every 'cassette wallet' is hand made, each design is a one-off. once its gone its gone! [Buy Here]

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Urban Mobility Ltd. Edition Bag

Urban Mobility Edition Bag é o acessório de eleição criado pela Puma para este inverno e abrindo caminho a uma nova filosofia, mais sofisticada, dentro da mítica marca. Esta mala é inspirada no universo do design industrial. Com um fundo em madeira de cerejeira, é um objecto de luxo. O lançamento desta peça aconteceu em Londres, no Selfridges. Para tal, a marca convidou o artista Ryan McGinley que filmou e realizou uma idílica instalação vídeo. [...] O filme criado especificamente para a Urban Mobility Bag mantém as características do estilo do artista com as suas belas e frescas imagens. in umbigo 23

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GOTTFRIED HELNWEIN "A comunicação de Helnwein não se restringe a normas de aceitação nem assume compromissos, seguindo de uma forma particularmente identificável uma linguagem onde abunda a perda de inocência, questões relacionadas com a exploração da imagem pela publicidade e a iconografia do universo infantil [...]" in umbigo 23 [Here]

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mixtape #08 Milky Bay

Milky Bay tracklist::::..
Radiohead - Nude
Phoreski - Down and Out
Reverso 68 - rouge I:Cube . Pazuzu
Hercules & Love Affair - Roar
Prinzhorn Dance School - You Are The Space Invader (an Optimo espacio mix)
Metro Area VS Michael Jackson (someone bootleg)
Jabre & Bibi f. Mellow Dee - And You Dont Stop (SDC Disco Mix)
Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)


SIRIUSMO - All The Girls

SIRIUSMO - All The Girls (Exploited Germany) Comentários: This is some release. It’s innovative, but already sounds like a classic that you’ll hear out in a couple of years. Imagine Giorgio Moroder and Timberland doing the new soundtrack for Knight Rider and you’ve got the gist. It’s on Shir-Khan’s label, Exploited, and comes with remixes by Tomboy (Whomadewho) and Yuksek. It’s also got a Modeselektor re edit of “Wow” on it, that’ll win over the last remaining sceptics. If anyone wants to know where club music is heading today, they should try here. in djmag [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Radio Show #12

02-Rednose distrikt - zmit
03 -Trusme - drilling
04-Moodyman- sunday morning
05-A made up sound-late drive
06-Crusaders - my lady (tangoterje edit)
07-Macho - im a man (sdc edit)
08-The Million Dollar orchestra-feel the music
09-Me and You-Brighton_request_line
10-Nicole willis & the soul investigators - keep reachin' up
11-Waldeck-jerry weintraub
12-Metro Area-read my mind
13-Yellow power- hai samurai
14-Principles_of_geometry-a_mountain for president feat sebastien tellier (joakim mix)


Thursday, January 17, 2008

ONLY FOOLS & HORSES - Spectacle Wins

ONLY FOOLS & HORSES - Spectacle Wins (Permanent Vacation Germany) Comentários: Only Fools And Horses (OFAH) is the project of Permanent Vacation heads Tom Bioly and Benji Fröhlich, which they produced with Paul Beller aka Ben Mono.From the original you can expect some serious boogie flavored kraut-disco with a fat bassline great arpeggios and synth lines.For the flipside,the upcoming stars from new york, holy ghost! deliver a very special remix. Holy Ghost, who just had recently their very succesful debut on DFA, put the boogie aspect and the melody more in front and put some vocals on top to create a distinctive dancefloor bomb."Spectacle Wins" has support from Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Aeroplane, Ewan Pearson and more. in ndistribution [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY - A Mountain For President EP

PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY- A Mountain For President EP (Tigersushi France) Comentários: Here comes the first extract from Principles Of Geometry's album Lazare. "A Mountain For President" is a space hymn with Martians on Juno synths, Jupitarians at the mixing desk and the cosmic prophet Sebastien Tellier on vocoder. Killer 80's sounding italo-electro. Flip for a massive version by Joakim, one of his best remixes to date. in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Download]

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Three years after the release of his critically acclaimed, Morgan Geist-mixed debut album Love Songs of The Hanging Gardens, Kelley Polar returns on March 31st with I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling. The former New Yorker, now a semi-recluse in rural New Hampshire, has come up with a sumptuous, idiosyncratic eleven-tracker for Geist's Environ Records - full of his trademark ethereal vocal harmonies, crunchy disco rhythms and rich, swooping string arrangements. Among them are 'Chrysanthemum' and 'Rosenband', which both appeared on a 12" last year; a lyric from the latter gives the LP its title. We recently enjoyed a a little chat with Kelley about his bizarre life and fascinating work; in fact magazine [Download] password:

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At the end of last year, FACT TV spent several days in Toronto, Canada, meeting and filming aspiring bedroom producers gathered from around the world to attend workshops and make tunes at this year's Red Bull Music Academy. You may have already watched our films with RBMA 'star' lecturers M.I.A and Jazzy Jay; now we turn our camera onto three of the students themselves. Click 'play' on the vid above to get a flavour of 2007's Academy and a trio of the young hopefuls who took part... in fact magazine


BARNA VS PORTO EP - Hip-Hop / R&B / Nu-Soul RECORD OF THE WEEK AT PICCADILLY!!!With a little surprise (for me), my record was one of the releases of the week at Piccadilly. Im very happy!"As you see, I've been having a bit of a round up in the ol' hip hop section, finding more than a few things that we missed right at the end of 2007, like the Paul Nice and James Pants battle tools LPs, Speech Defect 12" and (FINALLY!!) new Wu CD (vinyl's due in a week or so too!). Which leaves us with the Wax On sampler 12" (b-boy vs soul-jazz), hip hop-disco cut on the "Barna Vs Porto EP" and Lupe Fiasco album. I was going to make the Lupe Fiasco record of the week, but then US distributor Unique went bust last week, so don't know when we can get more copies... Instead I'm picking the "Barna Vs Porto EP" because you can't beat a bit of old school!" [...] Em Portugal, e para já, estará brevemente à venda na Flur em Lisboa ( . Este Sábado 19, SOCIAL DISCO CLUB actuará mais uma vez no Trintaeum, com este e muitos outros argumentos para nos fazer dançar... in31 & sdc [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Comprar/Buy]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Moodymann - Moodymann Collection

Moodymann - Moodymann Collection (Mahogani Music) Comentários: Deary me, the first ever official Moodymann mix CD handled by the man himself and featuring over 30 tracks from the Mahogani archives. KDJ cuts and pastes between tracks effortlessly, teasing you with snippets of his classics amongst some crazy (and possibly unreleased) bits we’ve never heard before. A brilliant DJ mix, packed with numerous tracks of that unmistakeable, inimitable KDJ funk. in boomkat
Moodymann @ trintaeum Porto 11-01-2008 (obrigado pela dica "hug")

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SLOWHOUSE - Two (Slowhouse Recordings Germany) Comentários: Slowhouse Recordings present here their 2nd offering. Check the first track on the B-side, a proper deephouse track with nice keys... Give it a try. in rushhour[Para Ouvir/Samples]

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PHYSICS/QUMULUS - Release Your Soul

PHYSICS/QUMULUS - Release Your Soul (Telluric US) Comentários: Physics out of Finland making his debut release on Telluric comes with a very uplifting soulfull roller, great atmospheric breakdown and soulfull piano lead. Very reminiscent of the Good looking sound. Look for more from this Artist on Telluric in 2008. Backed with a beautifull piece of music from West London's Qumulus, driving basslines and intense acid breakdowns make this a one for the fans of the deepsound. in dogsonacid [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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Monday, January 14, 2008

PLOT003 - "Combustible"

For the 3rd time PLOT rec. promotes synergy among great artists. "Combustible EP" is a joint production made in Barcelona by Swat Squad (Trapez, Resopal, Treibstoff, …) and Sentinel (a talented newcomer)."Combustible" greets you with a set of floating pads that instantly give place to a fast paced set of "typewriter" clicks. Soon enough there is a new scenario when new exciting elements enter, bringing different colours to the composition. "Verduritas" is like a sweet pee! It's fresh, rich and smart!"Recarga" is the longest track in the EP. All sorts of little percussive mechanical sounds are combined with episodic crossing reverberations to surprise you and charge you! In the end we have a great EP! Swat Squad and Sentinel: masters of Decay and Panoramic!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


MANDY/VARIOUS - Fabric 38 CD (Fabric) Comentários: For this latest mix, the folks at Fabric have invited Berliners Patrick Bodem and Philipp Jung to take over at the controls. Given that one of these men used to work for German dance pop behemoths Snap! you might find yourself a tad concerned over the sort of selection that might be on offer, but fear not, there'll be none of that on here, instead the duo string together top techno and house productions from artists like Audion, Robag Wruhmme, Booka Shade and Claude Vonstroke. After a brief intro sequence from M.A.N.D.Y. themselves, Yello's insane 'Bananas To The Beat' kicks off, paving a way for more earnest, contemporary works by Minz, Gui Boratto (as remixed by Lucy) and Mark Henning. The mix continues to build, taking on an air of exuberance via Audion's remix of Dubfire's 'I Feel Speed' and Guy J's remix of DJ Yellow and Astrid Suryanto's 'To The Top', only to take a turn toward more minimal climes via Robag Wruhmme and Martin Eyerer & Tony Rios. The last leg is devoted to more soulful sounds like Julian Ganzer's remix of Lopazz's '2 Fast 4 U' and Mike Monday's slow dub techno cut 'Bhalobashi', only for another snippet of M.A.N.D.Y.'s own production work to round off the mix. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

D1 - I'm Loving

D1 - I'm Loving (Tempa) Comentários: Quite easily the cheesiest transmission from Tempa to date, D1 gives it some Funky House feeling on "I'm Loving", a catchy, smooth as anything bassline funk cover of Ron Hall & Mark Evans' house classic "The Way You Love me", with loved up vocals fully intact. The flipside will come as manna from heaven for the more brooding dubstep heads among you, with "In8tep" featuring some halfstep progressive wobbles, while "8peed" is a more propulsive bassline stammer, D1 styles... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, January 11, 2008

LETROSET - Hertz Aus Glas EP

LETROSET - Hertz Aus Glas EP (Point One) Comentários: With a style equally in debt to super camp Italo as it is to early Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Letroset’s four submissions more than hint that we have something really special here. To top it off we welcome our friend Mr. Pauli (Bumper / Novamen / Viewlexx) to remix the title track. Tip! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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SYCLOPS - Where's Jason's K

SYCLOPS - Where's Jason's K (DFA US) Comentários: The surgically precise electro trio Syclops is new to the DFA stable, but they've been around-- in recent memory, they played on "Where's Jason's K" producer Maurice Fulton's dub of Hot Chip's "Over and Over", and backed Kathy Diamond on Miss Diamond to You. This single from their forthcoming DFA debut is like one of the Juan Maclean's lush yet robotic workouts without the soft, pastel room tone-- a cleaner, more autoclaved experience. Aside from a mannered little misfire around the middle, the drum programming is OCD-immaculate: synthetic snares, twitchy rattles, simmering hi-hats, polite shakers, and echoing cowbells grid out a ramifying syncopation. The melodic content is just as carefully sculpted: spongy synth-bass and curly keyboard ribbons twist in spirals, the former locked in a busy post-human funk line laddering up and down the register, the latter thickening and thinning incrementally, rolling easily across the color spectrum, whistling, twittering, and singing. For all its swarming movement, Syclops holds this single back from any sort of rush or release-- it sounds, in short, heavily disassociated. Where did Jason's K get to, anyway? I've got one good guess. in pitchfork [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

DREAM DISCO - Take Me Home

DREAM DISCO - Take Me Home (Das Drehmoment Germany) Comentários: The official Dream Disco release with vocal and instrumental versions of previously unreleased 'Take Me Home'. Also includes the original version of 'In Your eyes' plus great remixes by Dj Technician and Speculator (Grackle). Recommended. [electro-disco] in flexx. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Lerosa Modular Mix 1 [Unreleased Tracks]

D1 Records has finally launched their new website, all their catalogue can now be aquired in MP3 format, including my 'Maike EP'. Go to and do the needful. I have also given them a mix of unreleased electro/techno goodies, go here to donwload it for free:

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Neil Landstrumm Vj'd @ Sai Festival 2007

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CONVEXTION - Romantic Interface EP

"Romantic Interface", by Convextion, features many different facets of styles: ranging from Model 500 influenced futuristic techno to deep and dubby Basic Channel-esque techno. This has already been played by Laurent Garnier.

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OMAR S - Psychotic Photosynthesis

OMAR S - Psychotic Photosynthesis (FXHE) Comentários: "Again a killer 12' from the "Grandson of Detroit"! Stripped down house with raw drums and nice appregiated synths, in the middle it gets really "Psychotic". Tip!" in rushhour. "Put this in your pipe and smoke it! If consumed properly, this record should cure any Shelter/Restricted Access related illness of the soul. Omar S. is back, and hopefully here to reclaim his throne from all these garbage Detroit-esque poser records that have flooded the market. This track really does float above the rest, and rather than adhere to some petty law of nature, it steadily climbs upwards into the realm of the sublime, synths resonating with the tonal vibration of visceral perfection. Like any other medicine, this record must be prescribed correctly for the above effects to manifest. WARNING: do not take “Psychotic Photosynthesis” if you are currently taking any Compost Black records as it may cause an unsafe drop in your ability to decipher between a dope jam and absolute crap." in dopejams [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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