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Thursday, August 21, 2008

DFA presents Supersoul Recordings

"NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING" DFA presents Supersoul Recordings.
Nobody Knows Anything is a collection of tracks that Berlin based Supersoul Recordings has put out via vinyl and digital in their first two years of existence. The label was founded by Xaver Naudascher in 2006 and its stylistic identity revolves around the cornerstones of electronic dance music: Krautrock, Italo Disco, Electro, Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Every artist featured on the Supersoul label has drawn inspiration from these music styles in different ways. It is this combination of styles and artists that makes Supersoul one of the most distinct and distinguished labels to emerge in ages and one of the few seemingly fit and ready to carry the heritage of dance music far into the future. An excerpt from the press release of the first twelve inch released on Supersoul Recordings sums up the vibe that has accompanied the label from the very start: "If Mos Eisley (the town in Star Wars) had an underground dance club, it's resident DJ would be Xaver Naudascher. His hi-tech lunar disco beats would be shaking the transparent dance floor overlooking nebulas and neighboring galaxies. Androids and other strange creatures would be dancing, smoking and drinking casually alongside humans, while the full spectrum stroboscopes makes their bone structure visible to the rhythm of the music. Giant speakers would be pumping out a mixture of strange noises, hypnotic melodies and pounding drums, quoting, recycling and rephrasing universal music history, reminding the crowd why they still go out dancing almost every night after all these years." in dfa [+info]

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