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Friday, January 30, 2009

HARMONIC 313 - When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

HARMONIC 313 - When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence (Warp) Comentários: The debut full-length offering from Mark Pritchard's Harmonic 313 project follows on from a couple of great 12" releases, both having helped establish a creative distinction between the Global Communication contributor's current line of work and the similarly monikered Harmonic 33 output he helmed alongside Dave Brinkworth. While that project distinguished itself thanks to a diligently authentic appropriation of library music aesthetics, you'll find virtually none of that carried over to Harmonic 313, the only notable exception being the Radiophonic-inspired sound designs of the album's thirty-second title track. For the most part the music here is bound to electronic music's present and future rather than its past. Former single 'Dirtbox' provides an instant reminder of that as the album's opening track, situating Pritchard's sound within the bass-fixated context of all things here and now. 'Cyclotron' is quick to capitalise on the momentum, laying down another sub frequency odyssey, this time with added texture from synth flourishes, marking out an evolution from the dubstep-styled introductory number. The likes of 'Koln' and 'Galag-A' encroach on classic Warp electronica sounds whilst adding a modern twist: the former invokes the woozy synth melodies of mid-nineties Aphex Twin whilst throwing in an offbeat, low-slung drum pattern, very much in the style of that much-feted Detroit hip hop sound. Speaking of hip hop, 'Battlestar' adds a rap track from Phat Kat & Elzhi, combining with gritty, sampled breaks for a momentary departure from the synth-heavy tendencies of the album. Immediately afterwards you'll find a reprise of 'Cyclotron', this time reworked with some Commodore 64 processing, while soon after, 'Flaash' moves towards classic acid sounds bringing the album into a final third that culminates with the superb 'Quadrant 3' - a consolidation of Pritchard's production skills, complete with compressed, hyper-melodic basslines, granular pads and distinctly leftfield beat programming. It's a fitting conclusion to an album replete with fresh sounds and forward-thinking compositions. Highly recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AARDVARCK - Bloom 1 | Bloom 2

AARDVARCK - Bloom 1 (Unkown Label) Comentários: Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) is on some weird sh*t right now, the result being two of his absolutely sickest twelves released in quick succsession, with Bloom 1 coming a mere couple of weeks after Bloom 2 shocked us into silence right at the very start of the year. The sound is heavily indebted to dubstep, but this is a producer with a rich heritage and quite a remarkable bag of production tricks in his arsenal, taking a skanking template and somehow imbuing it with the sounds and flavours of rugged techno without ever resorting to formulas. It's all about the production, every bass drop and snare expertly crafted, the result being a towering mass of space and low-end presence that sounds somewhere between the reductionist genius of Loefah and the next-level technophillia of Shed. Volume 2 sold out in a weekend, we strongly advise you to bag one of these up while you can. Essential Purchase! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

AARDVARCK - Bloom 2 (Unkown Label) Comentários: Since hearing a taster mix of Aardvarck's new dub experiments we've been absoltutely craving a crisp and loud vinyl pressing to test on unsuspecting audiences. The goodness has now landed and we can safely say it's extraordinarily good. 'Bloom' is the start of an occasional series of dub heavy productions from jack-of-all-beats Aardvarck, who after flooring us with his Technose Distrikt 12" earlier this year, and killing floors everywhere with his Pig trax has decided to spark one up and sit back to soak up some seriously rude subbass. All four cuts are lined with a smoky dub experimentalist vibe, from authentic padded dub on the opener with spilling subbass and one note stabs giving way to the most basic but devastating chord changes, to rattling rave futurism on the flipside that opens a crevice somewhere between quick-slow breakcore and mad digi dubstep sounding like the mutant offspring of Rustie and SND that simply poops on a lot of other stuff from a great height. Aardvarck has come up with a heady concotion here that fans of the dubstep styles, wonky heads, dub aficionados and broken beat dudes will find be spinning for a long time to come. KILLER!!! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Poised to make some big moves in '09, Brooklyn's Theophilus London neccesitates some attention. The rising MC has a knack for versing over raw eletronic patterns, stuff that lies somewhere between the minimal thump of Berlin deep house and the faux sandpaper bass of laptop-driven nu-rave. His work with producer Machinedrum is especially great, like a young Mos Def vibing with some Squarepusher records. On Friday, he'll drop his new release, This Charming Mixtape, through his MySpace (the title and cover are a nod to The Smiths and Elvis Costello) so scope these tunes for now (our favorite is the punkish, lo-fi jam "Ultra Violet") and then pick that up on Friday for your weekend party-rocking needs. You know you have them. [Download]


MOHAWKE, Hudson - Polyfolk Dance

MOHAWKE, Hudson - Polyfolk Dance (Warp) Comentários: With the increasingly crowded Wonky movement threatening to implode before it's even begun, Hudmo turns up with his much touted and long-awaited debut for the Warp imprint, featuring 6 impressively tight sequences from one of the more exciting producers of the moment. For our money the good stuff's buried away towards the end of the EP, starting off with B-Side opener 'Speed Stick', shoving the detuned synths way up in the mix with an edgy plucked vibe and nervous stop-start routine that you just about get used to when the track comes to an abrupt end. Just try and dance to that one homeboy. Next up - 'Velvet Peel' ushers in helium vocals for some multicoloured good times, before 'Yonard' ends the Ep with arguably it's finest moment, a rugged, antisocial beat pummels itself into a joyous cacophony before those trusted synths emerge from the mess to make some kind of sense of it all. It's loose, filthy, joyous next-level business and hopefully just the start of a beautiful relationship between Warp and one of its more exciting signees of recent times. Limited to a measly 400 copies only - act sharp!!!!! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Neil Landstrumm Slices Interview


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CHICKS ON SPEED 21 Fev @ Plano B, Porto

Sábado, 21 de Fevereiro Chicks On Speed Dj set + Fabulosa Marquise - Sala Palco [Plano B]

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DIG WE MUST PARTY - 22 Janeiro

«Actualmente o Mundo cabe num motor de busca, aliás é um campo preenchido por teclas que ordenadas de certa forma nos dão quase todas as respostas. Há que seleccionar porque hoje, supostamente, “tudo é o melhor de sempre” mesmo que não o seja.Euforicamente, a palavra “Dig” obtém no google 179.000.000 de resultados – de uma forma estranha respostas a mais podem ser um problema. Porém, “Dig” assume aqui uma faceta menos linear, não é apenas arqueologia industrial em camadas de temas por descobrir, relembrar ou editar; é apelar a um sentimento de base, que o que temos ou vamos possuindo é suficiente até a uma nova descoberta.A Dig We Must representa a procura intemporal pela criatividade e pretende assumir-se como pólo de iniciativa na promoção de eventos e edição musical.» [Myspace]

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NEBRASKA - Satellite Variations EP

NEBRASKA - Satellite Variations EP (Rushhour Holland) Comentários: Ever since hearing the ‘Terrestrial Variations ep’ and later the ‘Vicarious Disco ep’ we have been big fans of Nebraska’s work. That’s why we were happy and surprised at the same time when we found out he had an unreleased ep in his catalog (the label went under the week it was supposed to come out... in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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YRON - Encounters “Wedding through lines” Exhibition

Encounters “Wedding through lines” 15 Jan.09 - 7 Mar. 09
[en] A ritual, the meeting of lives, between lines that intersect, that merge and transform themselves into paths, into drawing. The celebration of a meeting of languages in constant transformation which here, together, inscribe a moment, a dialogue between worlds, between stories, between the before and the after… YUP / Paulo Arraiano, expresses himself through a body of work from where the forms emerge from an ambivalence between urban culture and nature, merging both these realities that surround him and bring forth a world between worlds where he continually searches for his space, his language; energy that flows and is turned into drawing, into shapes, colour and movement… Leonor Morais, works in a constant search for spaces between spaces, cracks, limits, connections between the interior and the exterior of the matter, house, body or object; in a constant process and metamorphosis, resorting to observation and repetition while waiting for the next line to emerge and for the construction of the drawing to take place… [Press Release]
Rua de S.Bento 170. 1200-123 Lisboa, Portugal

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Geneva Jacuzzi

Geneva Garvin (aka Geneva Jacuzzi) is a songwriter, visual and recording artist from Los Angeles, California. In her music she has honed a blithe and cryptic wit filled with sultry puns, double entendres, and irreverent references to mysticism and the occult. From 2004 to 2007 she fronted the tongue-in-cheek goth band Bubonic Plague, an influential cult favorite in the burgeoning scene in LA’s Echo Park district. Her music has used styles that range from darkwave, goth, lounge and tropicalia. She recreates these sounds in painstaking detail on a portable 8-track cassette recorder. Her recent recordings have zeroed in on a discarded period in electronic funk and dance music associated with groups like Morris Day and The Time, El DeBarge and Zapp & Roger. She infuses these styles with elaborate instrumentation and harmonically complex textures that are technically difficult to achieve using her recording equipment. These distilled instrumental pieces often last under 30 seconds. She has also developed a collage-art style that she uses to package her own music and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti albums. Like her music, her album covers consist of other album covers, intricately re-worked and shuffled so as to give the impression of a sensuous time in contemporary music, while avoiding specific references or quotation. in humanearmusic

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spenza - megablast - mixtape

Spenza is back with a new Mixtape. Featuring Bomb the Bass, Soulwax, Justice, DJ Mehdi, Boys Noize, Sebastian, Mr. Oizo, Proxy, Housemeister, CLP and “Spenza’s Remix of Bomb the Bass - Megablast”. [Download] Get the tracklist at:


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Consortium Q1 /// 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

INTRUSION - The Seduction Of Silence

INTRUSION - The Seduction Of Silence (Echospace US) Comentários: The Intrusion full-length is finally here - a massively anticipated follow up of sorts to 'The Coldest Season' album and without question the most fully-realised Echospace project since that album came out 18 months ago. Steve Hitchell reserves his Intrusion moniker for his rich and sumptuous dub experiments, more Rhythm & Sound as opposed to the to M-Series or BC references more commonly associated with the Deepchord axis. Referencing the Caribbean on 'Montego Bay' the padded, heady structure of the music infuses the massive sense of space with a warm and breezy pulse that sets this music apart from so much of the rubber-coated preset teasing that passes for dub techno these days. Paul St. Hilaire, meanwhile, adds a typically righteous vocal presence alongside luxurious Fender Rhodes on 'Angel', a beautiful cut exclusive to this CD issue. The best tracks from the 12"s are compiled with 'Intrusion Dub', 'Seduction', 'Reflection', 'Tswana Dub' and 'Twilight', in addition to the glorious 'A Night To Remember' inspired by his travels to Japan. Crazily limited to a mere 300 copies only, the cd is now completely sold out at source so we strongly recommend you get a nudge on if you want in. Highly Recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mix Tape - Fabrizio

o1º Unkown
2º Dirk leyers wellen ep(kompakt)
3º Basteroid(i´m so ready+cpu-circus rmx../ada) (Areal)
4º Jennifer Cardini &Shonky -August in Paris (mobilee)
5º Stepahn Hinz-Ending up flipping burgers(kling klong)
6º Marcin Czubala-Starline (Mobilee)
7º Kaliber 16
8º Marco Carola-Re_solution (Minus)
9º Wighnomy brothers-pele sagt hallo (Freude-am-Tanzen Rec)
10ºKaliber 10
11ºKaliber 16
12ºTractile-Stay out (Minus)
13ºSupermayer-Two of us-Glock-a-pella (Kompakt)

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adidas adicolor Keith Haring and Jeremy Scott

Saturday, January 10, 2009

CUPP CAVE - Garbage Pail Beats

CUPP CAVE - Garbage Pail Beats (Thin Consolation) Comentários: 32 track CD, ram jam packed with rather splendid sideways beats! Awesome artwork too, all wrapped up in beautiful a screenprinted cardboard sleeve (lots of colour variations)...crazy limited. Def for fans of Samiyam and the more out-there beats shit. Dope stuff... Francis bakes his beats by the dozen. Both his previous efforts on Carte Postale were filed under the Kingfisherg moniker - which leads me to believe that Francis skived spelling in primary. This is his first as Cupp Cave. His Garbage Pail Beats are a rump-shaking, head-nodding, feet-shuffling slap in the face, one for the crate-diggers and glitch-lovers. Think nice crunchy gravel. Think big, red, 8-bit family sedan. Think wearing sunglasses sitting in the passenger seat with the window open. Think sunshine. Thump, thump, clap; Cupp Cave is guaranteed Hennessy-free. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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