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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PATTON, Steven - Social Decline EP

PATTON, Steven - Social Decline EP (Pomelo Spain) Comentários: Steven 'Espee' Patton is a young talented DJ and Producer from Glasgow.His electro music is deeply influenced by the deep sea resonance of Drexciya as well as other dark and enigmatic musicians, such as Aphex Twin, Lory D, DJ Stingray 313, Underground Resistance, and artists from his beloved Glasgow such as Rustie, Voltaic and Chordata. Glasgow itself he calls a huge inspiration to his productions.Merging all these influences, Espee creates his own individual musical world – a combination of enchanting melodies, intricate bass lines and fat beats. in no-future [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, July 27, 2009

VAZ, Andy - Different Times/You Got (remixes)

VAZ, Andy - Different Times/You Got (remixes) (Yore Germant) Comentários: Already up to its sixteenth release, Yore keeps rolling on. This time with a superb set of Andy Vaz remixes. Four Yore artists tackle Vaz’s originals on Different Times-You Got Remixes, and in doing so offer a wide stylistic range. With the remixers being Trus’me, Lerosa, Rick Wade and .Xtrak, it comes no surprise that the results just simply keep bursting with talent. Starting with Trus’me (Manchester-based David James Wolstencroft) gets things moving with a funky “Bygone Times” Acid-House makeover replete with a strong grooving electrifying 303 bass line providing a high-velocity propulsion, strings, claps, and a percolating groove that really kicks in when Alton Miller’s soulful vocal appears. Synthetic strings add an elegant touch while disco hit-hats flirt with your ears. “Hurry, Hurry” receives two treatments, the first by Lerosa and the second by Rick Wade. Lerosa works up a trippy lather with a slick weave of vocal loops and a stepping dance pulse. The intricate vocal effects are sweetly funky but it’s the subtly electrified funk rhythm that’s most affecting. Anything but a wallflower, Wade roars in with his customary slamming beats to wholly recast Vaz’s original. The tune lunges forward with Wade draping its muscular groove with electric piano chords, Moog flourishes, and synthetic strings. The breakdown arrives two-thirds of the way through just like you knew it would, after which Wade ups the beat ante to drive the now stripped-down track home. Todd Sines twists “You Got” into cubistic shape that’s very much in keeping with his viral .xtrak techno style. Splattering chopped vocal fragments over a slinky, snare-popping groove, Sines’ remix is clearly the wildest of the four. No surprise to us, .Xtrak always knew how to Jack, from early 7th City to recent Yore Days. See you on the Dance-floor. in wordandsound [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katharina Trudzinski


OPERATOR - How To Make Bombs & Influence People

OPERATOR - How To Make Bombs & Influence People (Mighty Robot Recordings) Comentários: "70's Acid Viking 'operator' makes palatable organic electro-caustic synthcore from the charred embers of his Shetland studio. After releasing on Benbecula records and Neil Landstrumm's Scandinavia label, amongst others, he finds himself with the Mighty Robots and warms to their crystalline rave strategies with a raise of his top hat emulator. "How To Make Bombs and Influence People" took 7 years to finish and even longer to start. Operator is protected by the Norse Gods, can shoot fire from his mind and has never been on a unicycle." Oh, and it sounds a bit like DMX Krew on mushies. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John Casey

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

MODERNE - Moderne/L'Espionne Aimat La Musique 1980-81

MODERNE - Moderne/L'Espionne Aimat La Musique 1980-81 (Minimal Wave) Comentários: "A limited edition release of Modernes two full length LPs: Moderne (1980) and LEspionne Aimait La Musique (1981), remastered from the original analog reels and pressed on 180 gram audiophile quality vinyl, is now available. The gatefold artwork features photographs of the band, and is printed on heavyweight 350 gram double white board, with a matte laminate and black inner sleeves. The release is accompanied by a double sided 18" x 24" poster featuring an interview with the band on one side, and photograph on t he other. Moderne was a Minimal / Synthpop band formed in Tours, France in 1979. The band consisted of: Gérard Lévy, Thierry Teyssou, Bernard Guimond, Dominique Marchetti and their videographer Patrick Millerioux. After releasing two albums and two corresponding 7" singles between 1980-1981, nothing was heard from Moderne and aside from "Switch on Bach" (released on the compilation So Young But So Cold in 2004), very little has been heard from this band. Moderne remains notoriously hidden in the past, and their albums and singles have become collectors items. The albums were recorded in their Tours studio and mixed by Joschko Rudas and Henning Schmitz at Studio Rudas Düsseldorf, the same studio Kraftwerk used for Man Machine (1978). The production is exceptional. This is French new wave at its best." - Minimal Wave. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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BEATFANATIC - Vinyl Junkie Culture

BEATFANATIC - Vinyl Junkie Culture (Soundscape Sweden) Comentários: Synth grooving dancefloor numbers from Beatfanatic -- a pretty smoothed out blend of programmed soul and spacey disco informed soundscapes! Ture Sjoberg is the maestro here, handling the production, songwriting, beats and synth programming -- but he's assisted wonderfully by some guest vocalists including Amalia Townsend, and some really sweet work on keys by Roman Andren. Titles include "Automatic", "Fly Away" (album mix), "In This Life", "A Soulful Mode" feat Opolopo, "Sharpskin Boogiestion" feat Roman Andren, "Guide" feat Amalia, "Prince Of Darkness", "Berlin Nights" feat Nonoman, "Bombay Billie" and "Nautonnier". © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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COYOTE - Harlyn Bay

COYOTE - Harlyn Bay (Is It Balearic) Comentários: A mix of house and chillout this is "horizontal disco at its best" (BILL BREWSTER). The debut CD from the duo COYOTE on their label IS IT BALEARIC? (the answer is a wholehearted "yes!"). 10 tracks (most if not all have NOT been released on singles). Essential for fans of lounget balearic grooves. in groovedis [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Cotonete - Mundo Urbano Blog da Semana

"O Mundo Urbano surgiu, como nos explica o seu criador Bruno Lopes, do desejo de «partilhar o gosto por música indie, electrónica e arte». E é precisamente nesta última área de interesse que o blog desta semana se destaca de outros que se "limitam" a cobrir o universo musical de eleição. O Mundo Urbano trata de «assuntos ligados à moda, design gráfico, ilustração, fotografia, revistas de cultura urbana, eventos, música maioritariamente electrónica, vídeos, podcast, sugestões pessoais, etc.»." Muito obrigado Helder Neto. [ver mais]

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VA- LE TAN, Alex: Space Oddities Vol 2

VA- LE TAN, Alex: Space Oddities Vol 2 (Permanent Vacation Germany) Comentários: Alexis Le-Tan & Jess follow up last years 'Space Oddities' comp for Permanent Vacation with another awesome compendium of hand picked library gems. The world of library music is a very odd one, populated by single minded diggers preoccupied with finding the strangest bits of wax that very few people have heard before. But we need these people to do the hard work so we don't have to, meaning we can sit at home with nice lean fingers and enjoy the psychedelic journey through cuts like J.P Decerf, G Zajd & C. Betsy's 'Strange Form' or E. Warner's moog and wah wah tripout 'Shut Up', Titanic's 'Sultana', or J.F Gael & P. Buffenoir's panpipe odyssey 'Saba'. One for the mad heads and lovers of the Finders Keepers crew or Quiet Village/Joel Martin etc. Highly Recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, July 13, 2009

CUPP CAVE - A Look At The Future

So here it is! 22 library music bangerz.hope u'll enjoy it.expect Vol.2 by Hugo Freegow!

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Photonz new mix for the Astrolab Radio Show

1 - José Cheta - Conta-me Um Conto
2 - Colored Music - Heartbeat
3 - LOWLOW - Flow
4 - Nacho Patrol - Africaspaceprogram
5 - The Tuss - Last Rushup (Wrong Rotation)
6 - Invincible Scum - Shake It Up
7 - 400 Blows - Groove Jumping
8 - Neo Filigrante - Emeralda Rides The Robot
9 - Steve Summers - Shake The House
10 - Mike Perras - Beginning Of Life
11 - Rhythm Based Lovers - Heartless Tuesday
12 - Reggie Dokes - Chicago Pimp
13 - Legowelt - Lovestory SH21
14 - Datahata - The Maze
15 - Omar S - Bitch
The thing starts slow and pretty, and then it gets phat and nasty. With JAK, Acid and shit. If you like our tracks you shouldn't miss this. [Download] [Myspace]

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Desire - If I Can't Hold You - Live

Monday, July 06, 2009

Federsen – Social Realism [THN108]

«′social realism′ is the debut release of the london based artist federsen. this debut ep contains three original tracks which drift between gently sequenced chords upon lush beats and subtle details on the fx, for those who like it smooth and atmospheric – laidback electronic music for the pre-summer between the poles of detroit, chillout and house! last but not least we asked sensual physics to complete the ep with a remix for you!» Get it her:
fast fast 192kbps .ZIP download (38MB) from fast server for your convenience here!320kbps .ZIP (61MB) there! FLAC (173MB) for the sonophiles available via this link!.

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« RADIQ aka Yoshihiro HANNO is a noble producer/composer who practices broad creation from electronic music to acoustic movie sound track in all over the world and writes music basing on unique and individual point of view. His latest type of electronic project RADIQ which collects dynamism of Dub, Jazz, Hip Hop and Deep Minimal. RADIQ is the role as recycle equipment which revives memory of term that roots music was filled with creativity, extremely physical and shown off its heat, and also the function as lighting equipment which displays much more "the future" inlaying such roots into the modern context.» 2004 - Graffiti & Rude Boy 67'; 2007 - Ballads For The Atomic Age; 2009 - People : Um cross over entre o jazz / broken beat e deep house que promete não desiludir os fãs de Yoshihiro Hanno. Recomenda-se! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Vitalic "Your Disco Song"

Friday, July 03, 2009

JOAKIM - Watermelon Bubblicious

JOAKIM - Watermelon Bubblicious (Versatile France) Comentários: After some heavy remixes job, Joakim is back with his own music. Before releasing his album (Milky ways) in september, here are two cuts which will be released only on 12″ and digital. While Nebula Laughter is an epic journey influenced by Italo, and played live by the Disco (the band Joakim is using for live and his recordings). He manages the perfect blend between live and sequences.Watermelon Bubblicious is the one for the dancefloors. Between Alter Ego and bangin Electro, you will recognize what is the trademark of Joakim… in wordandsound [Para Ouvir/Samples 1] [2]

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BODYCODE - Immune (Spectral Sound) Comentários: There's no shortage of love for Bodycode in the Boomkat office. Between his Portable and Bodycode pseudonyms Alan Abrahams has consistently delivered some of the most intriguing, funky and genuinely deep house music of the last 10 years. 'Immune' follows from his highly sought after 'Conservation Of Electric Charge' set on Spectral some 3 years ago with a nine track album running fathoms deep into heartfelt Chicago house tributes with an irresistable Afro-rhythmic edge. Take the reverbed keys and chopped dialects of 'Hyperlight' for a warm welcome before settling into the rich twilight hues and gently groping bass pressure of the sublime 'I'll Hold Your Hand'. 'What Did You Say' invites Süd's Lerato to provide authentically sensual vox over a drippin' Chicago house joint, while 'Arigato' is a prime example of his fine attention to detail with ornate Japanese percussion and instruments shaped into a firm but gentle house roller. Further indulging his experimental side 'Spacial Harmonics' mixes cosmic flutes with ascending organ chords creating a spiritual connection to the Afro-cosmic Jazz of Sun-ra leaving album closer and choice deep house cut 'Immune' to win over any doubters with an ounce of soul in their bones. It all came from Africa really, didn't it? in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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SoulPhiction (aka Jackmate)

ClassicCutz Part I
SoulPhiction - ClassicCutz Part I
Bohannon - Dance
Cameo - It's serious
Martin Circus - Disco Circus
Whatnauts - Almost There
Whatnauts - Hustlin'
Dexter Wansel - Disco Lights
Loleatta Holloway - Hit'n'Run
Roy Ayers - Chicago
Sun Palace - Rude Movements
Strafe - Set It Off
Jungle Wonz - Bird In A Guilded Cage
Lil Louis - The Story continues...
Tortured Soul - I Might Do Something Wrong
Larry Heard - Amnesia
Moodymann - Sweet Lovin'
Theo Parrish - Major Moments Of Instant Insanity
Duration: 0:53:52 / Filesize: 49,3 MB