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Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Monday, September 28, 2009

New Arrivals

PANTS, James - All The Hits (Stones Throw) Comentários: Stones Throw wunderkind James Pants has put together a album of what sounds like unfinished song ideas. Marketed as a genreless collection of "library music," elements of '80s boogie and old-school hip-hop are still the main components of Pants' arsenal. Most songs are small explorations of big beats and squelching basslines that rarely hit the two-minute mark. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

Modeselektor -Body Language Volume 8 (Get Physical) Comentários: Their contribution to Get Physical’s Body Language mix series is a riotous, bass-heavy affair, one which takes in all kinds of interesting developments in cutting edge contemporary dance music. MDSLKTR draw a natural line from the fizzing aqua-crunk of Rustie’s ‘Zig-Zag’ to the R&B bump of Missy Elliott’s Timbaland-produced ‘Lick Shots’, from the skippy 90s techno of G-Man’s ‘Quo Vadis’ to the tough Berghain minimalism of Norman Nodge. Dubstep - a big influence on the Moderat project - plays a pivotal role in the mix: moody, synth-led masterpieces by Peverelist and Benga recall classic Detroit techno, while Untold’s devastating ‘Anaconda’ is sheer dancefloor energy. Scuba’s ‘Klinik’ isn’t so much dubstep as broken, reductionist house music. Throughout the mix, Gernot and Sebastian astound with their ability to bring apparently disparate tunes together into perfect synchrony: who else would have thought to marry the edgy 2-step of Horsepower Productions to the austere 4/4 pulse of vintage Robert Hood, and on into the crunching digital dancehall of Major Lazer? Sometimes the links that Modeselektor forge are less bizarre but no less effective: Joker & Rustie. in W&S [Para Ouvir/Samples]

CHROMEO/VARIOUS - DJ Kicks (K7) Comentários: The self confessed "only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of time" aka Chromeo are given the keys to cruise through the first new DJ-Kicks mix in over 2 years. It's an absolute treat for all the disco afficionados, dropping with dangerously trendy timing in the midst of a glitterball renaissance and packed out with rare and killer cuts to grease even the rustiest hips. In keeping with tradition, the pair provide an exclusive track for the mix, covering The Eagles' 'I Can't Tell You Why' with typically slick results, but the highlights have to be Kano's 'Ikeya-Seki', the rockin' Linn drums of Donna Allen's 'Serious', Chateau Marmont's opulent Italo-electro greaser 'Solar Antapex', deadly dance-pop from Val Young, NRG-Italo from Lifelike, cool-out disco soul from Leo Sayer 'Easy To Love', and a final touch of overpowering sax smut from Alan Parsons project on 'Pipeline'. Horny! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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"A Matter of Taste"

Is Terry ihardson’s all out sapphic friends with benefits fest in the latest Purple Magazine sexy or trashy? We know that Terry’s work has been known to straddle that line but what are your thoughts on the Freja Beha Erichsen, Eniko Mihalik, Abbey Lee Kershaw & Magdalena Frackowiak edit and its clothing optional policy? Maybe it is just me but I think the pictures with clothes work a lot better than those without - what says you? in models

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TERROR DANJAH - Gremlinz (The Instrumentals 2003-2009)

TERROR DANJAH - Gremlinz (The Instrumentals 2003-2009) (Planet Mu) Comentários: Planet Mu come seriously correct with this utterly essential retrospective of the underappreciated, but inestimable talents of Terror Danjah. Collecting his work between 2003-2009, this album gives much needed praise and credence to an artist who already has it in in spades from the Grime cognoscenti, but until now has remained largely unnoticed by the electronic and wider dance music communities. Over this period he's accrued a killer catalogue of productions for Shola Ama, Wiley, Skepta, Nasty Crew and Shystie, besides just about everyone else in the grime game, with his well oiled rhythmic machinations just about defining the grime style by providing loose but complex syncopations to incite MC flows. Working with a pared down palette of signature sounds, from the cheeky gremlinz that give this collection it's title, to the purple synths that would influence Joker, Gemmy and co, Terror Danjah has taken garage and the UK styles before it, and reworked them to his own hyperfunked specifications, surely ranking alongside Wiley and his Devil mixes as one of the foremost rhythm pioneers of this century. The febrile Afr-obotic tribalism of 'Green Street' is simply mindblowing, while on 'Radar' he indulges properly abstract tendencies with shockingly weird results. On 'Planet Shock' he draws a direct lineage between the innovation of 80's NYC and the UK's own raw underground, stamping his signature edits all over the joint, or on the classic 'Zumpi Hunter' swerves between micro-edited synth funk and muscle twitching rhythm chops with immeasurable confidence. For anyone following the ever-morphing patterns of UK urban music and the hardcore 'nuum, this collection is beyond indispensable. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

V Attack

- MUNK - Back Down (Gomma) Comentários: Munk hit back with another Gomma 12". This one features 'maybe the greatest remix that Cut Copy have ever done, a cosmic funk piano house anthem that also comes in an alternative ‘Jackmaster’ version', we agree. Accompanying these mixes comes a great Chicago house interpretation by German newcomer Migumatix and a third remix by Italian L.U.C.A. (aka Francisco & Cecile). Pure psychedelic horror-movie disco funk from Italy. A solid outing on Gomma. in Phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples]

- GLIMMERS, The presents DISKO DRUNKARDS - Do It (Diskimo) Comentários: 1st press limited editon of 300 copies. Not what i was expecting from The Glimmers, 'Do It' is a well funky slow guitar tool, sounding like the Stones jamming with Isaac Hayes. 'Snatch' is slow again, with a jazzy double-bass sample. Both these tracks are very useful tools that should appeal whether you're into funk, rock or Phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples]

- BRATHEN, Jarle - Soder (Full Pupp Norway) Comentários: Not content with just completing their debut album for Full Pupp, Jarle Bråthen from Ytre Rymden Dansskola unleashes his virgin vinyl 12″ on us. On the A side we’ve got “Søder". Though rough and tough on the outside, it’s just like a Ferrero Rocher… A hard shell but a creamy soft inside…. mmmm…. I love chocolate… On side B there’s “Takras” which we previously displayed on last years “Greatest Tits Vol.1″compilation. This time however, you’ll get it with a proper mixdown from yours truly Skål! in w.sound [Para Ouvir/Samples]

- POPULAR PEOPLE'S FRONT, The - Sample Pleasures Part 4 (Popular People's Front) Comentários: Part 4 in the Sample Pleasures series from the PPF crew !!As you may have come to expect, this is another expertly stitched patchwork of lost classics. Soulful Disco jams, rough proto-House workouts and of course, a bag full of wholesome ingredients, blended, amended and extended for maximum basement-jamming use.Bespoke artwork from Cyanide Graphic One on this limited edition vinyl only pressing. in Phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples]

- VARIOUS - Electrounique Volume 1 (Electunes) Comentários: Hot and osbcure early electro-wave-disco on this Electrounique compilation. 6 excellent Cosmic tracks played by dj's like Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli. Think "Delirious Grooves" and "Cosmic Dancer" but more electronic. Recommended! in flexx. Features, Klaus Schulze & Rainer Bloss, Explorer, Neuronium, Jean-Michel Jarre. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

COWLEY, Patrick/JORGE SOCARRAS - Soon (Macro Germany) Comentários: Lost for 30 years - Unreleased masterpieces by disco legend Patrick Cowley and Indoor Life singer Jorge Socarras - remixed by Morgan Geist (Metro Area) & KiNK (Rush Hour)! First single from the forthcoming album “Catholic” by Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras. “Soon” is a dark proto-techno track with hypnotic lyrics and warped synths, while “Robot Children” builds on a rigid sequencer bassline and futuristic sounddesign. These masterpieces were lost for 30 years and get released for the very first time! The first remix comes from no one less than Metro Area’s Morgan Geist - and it’s arguably one of his best mixes to date. Responsible for Environ’s Unclassics series, he certainly was the first call for the job. His rework transforms Cowley’s trademark production sound into 2009, respectful for authenticity and forward thinking at the same time. Rush Hour’s KiNK has turned heads with his incredible production skills and live appearances. His remix of “Soon", derived from the original’s drum machine sounds, catapults the track to the future. Bass heavy with a rugged beat, this is one to cross boundaries from techno to dubstep to experimental! in w.sound [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Kalbata on Slices DVD Magazine June 2009

slices issue 2-08: egyptian lover

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jonathan Yeo - An Introduction : Porno=Art

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jack Featherstone


Akatre [Here]

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Bottin - No Static


RUSTIE - Bad Science

RUSTIE - Bad Science (Wireblock) Comentários: It's not as if he's been slack over the last 12 months, hitting us up with a Joker split disc and a blindingly good one-sider, but we've all been aching for a full 12" of pure Rustie-ness so 'Bad Science' couldn't come any sooner. If we factor in a ridiculously good Henirich Mueller remix on the flip, this 12" has pure devastation written all over its cheeky mug. 'Tar' kicks the EP off with some hi-scoring aquakrunk madness, carving up bum crunched hiphop beats under overheated arcade game melodies, before the long awaited title track drops on the rave richter scale with a resounding 8.7 (enough to sink a small Scottish island if he had subs big enough). This one has been righteously played to death by everyone from Kode 9 to Mark Pritchard due to its addictive drops and outright anthem status so expect to hear it a lot more now that us mere pedestrians can own a copy. We can imagine the Wireblock crew must be beaming with the results of Heinrich Mueller's electro-physics experiments for 'Zig-Zag' on the flip, remixing the track into a sinister metallic night-time creature not to be dropped before midnight. 'Zig-Zag' reprise finishes up a mindblowing EP with a final burnout of any impurities from the original, blazing up on entry with exothermal synthlines and an impact velocity leaving everyone else for dust. Jaw droppingly smart. Immense. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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YURA YURA TEIKOKU - Hollow Me / Beautiful

YURA YURA TEIKOKU - Hollow Me / Beautiful (DFA) Comentários: A highly successful act in their native Japan, Yura Yura Teikoku emerged from the psychedelic rock underground twenty years ago, releasing Hollow Me as their tenth studio album. Apparently this one marks a departure from the more unhinged sounds of their past, reining in their instruments for a tautly minimalist style of pop. Certainly, if we're talking about Japanese psychedelia, these guys could hardly sound more different from the likes of Acid Mothers Temple or Suishou No Fune: the album gets underway with 'Ohayo Mada Yaro', whose pretty yet peculiar tremolo pedal loops are countered by an appealingly upbeat vocal and some ace sax soloing. Elsewhere, splintered krautrock repetition rules, kicking into a choppy motorik groove with 'Sweet Surrender', and shuffling amiably into a surreal boogie with 'Still Alive'. This uncontrivedly quirky album is a strange fit at first, but as you get acquainted with the band's genuinely unique sound its peculiar brilliance becomes apparent soon enough. Recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

NACHO PATROL - The Africa Jet Band

NACHO PATROL - The Africa Jet Band (M Division) Comentários: Nacho Patrol presents The Africa Jet Band, a six track EP of mind blowing afro-cosmic jams. Legowelt's side project Nacho Patrol surprised many last year with its great debut! And this time its no different... incredible that this is all done by the same guy! Nacho Patrol is moving from deep slowjam safari anthems, fuzzy psychedelic afro-funk to early N.Y Loft style atmospheres, join The Africa Jet Band as the traverse the darkest corners of the dark continent. Recommended! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off Minor #04 now archived and podcastable! - Blogue do MySpace | de Juju & Jordash

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


30.09.2009 Au Revoir Simone, Casa da Música, Porto
30.09.2009 Geneva Jacuzzi, Lounge, Lisboa
20.10.2009 Micachu & The Shapes, Plano B, Porto
21.11.2009 Micachu & The Shapes, Zé dos Bois, Lisboa
19.12.2009 Wavves, Zé dos Bois, Lisboa


Monday, September 14, 2009

FACT mix 81: 2562

2562, a.k.a The Hague's Dave Huismans, has been responsible for some of the most arresting dubstep and dubstep-influenced music of the past few years. His debut album, Aerial, was released last year to much acclaim on Pinch's Tectonic label, and this November its eagerly anticipated follow-up, Unbalance, is set to drop. As previously reported, it's without doubt one of the best electronic albums that we've heard in 2009. Download: FACT Mix 81 - 2562 (Available for three weeks)


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

10 Set, Bodycode + TRA$H CONVERTERS @ Music Box, Lisboa

Quinta-feira, 10 de Setembro 2009 //
Thursday, September 10th (02h > 06h 2 am > 6 am
A Quinta Dimensão #7 @
Rua Nova do Carvalho, 24 [Cais do Sodré]LISBOA//

BODYCODE [Spectral (US), Cape Town] live act (02h30) TRA$H CONVERTERS DJ set (02h > 06h)
[more info]:


Saturday, September 05, 2009

SWEAT X - I'm That Alley

SWEAT X - I'm That Alley (Citinite) While there's been a flurry of interest in the South African house scene in the last 12 months (mainly due to the success of DJ Mujava) fairly little has actually reached our shores that's worth mentioning, until Sweat.X came along. Interestingly, the group is helmed by Markus Smit, nee Markus Wormstorm, who turned out a terrific EP for Sound.Ink many moons ago, but now makes a glitchy club racket with Spoek Mathambo for Citinite. Their style on 'I'm That Alley' sounds like a deep fried fusion of Chromeo and Jamie Lidell, while 'The Knife' ramps up to electro-house stomper territory with a sound like Rex The Dog humping Modeselektor's leg. All the beatheads, however, should be paying attention to the swinging drums and untethered synthlines of Mike Slott's psychy remix of 'I'm That Alley', rounding off a tasty set of club tracks. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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DOMPTEUR MOONER - Music For Espionage

DOMPTEUR MOONER - Music For Espionage (Erkrankung durch Musique) Comentários: Mooner (ex-Zombie Nation) with his new projects! Dark sinister avantgarde electro - disco tracks (edits?). Very dark 80's wave feel to it combined with a bit of that hot NY disco Punk sound (think Liquid Liquid, DFA etc). And the real main reason to buy this 12 will be the sweet Pink Floyd cover version of the Wall (or edit? In France they would call this a dirty edit ;) or otherwise it will be the seductive electronic disco piece on the b2. Total magic! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

PANTS, James/VARIOUS - The Electric Finger: Book 2

PANTS, James/VARIOUS - The Electric Finger: Book 2 (Liger Vision Media) Comentários: The first Electric Finger mix came out in 2008, and found the Spokane boy wonder mixing up old-skool electro and hip-hop with heavy funk, soul, prog-rock and psychedelia. Book 2 makes similar connections: it's a world where the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Group rub shoulders with ESG, where Public Enemy and Schooly D make nice with Jackie Mittoo. Some might say the results are pretty throwaway, but if you take it for what is - a lovingly sequenced mix from an impassioned and imaginative music fan - then you'll enjoy it immensely. in fact [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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69 - The Legendary Adventures Of A Filter King

69 - The Legendary Adventures Of A Filter King (Planet E) Comentários: A limited edition, five record collection (and t-shirt) of the 69 series including unreleased mixes and remastered tracks. Packaged in a beautifully designed box. A must for C2 fans everywhere. Limited to 100 copies. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Buy Here]

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