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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FACT mix 142: Gavin Russom

FACT mix 142: Gavin Russom - After making his name – and helping build DFA’s estimable reputation – with the uniformly excellent Delia & Gavin and Black Leotard Front records, the artist and producer spent a few years in Berlin, honing his skills, expanding his mind and breaking cover to deliver the storming Black Meteoric Star 12″s and album. Representing Russom’s intuitive, open-ended take on acid house and techno, the Black Meteoric Star project has since been retired, but its focussing of dancefloor energy undoubtedly informs his latest venture, The Crystal Ark. Inspired first and foremost by the wealth of South American music that Russom absorbed on his travels there, not to mention his enduring love of tear-out Belgian rave from the early 90s, The Crystal Ark has already released one excellent single on DFA (‘The City Never Sleeps’), with more to follow along with a live show of some shape or form. [+Here]

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grace Jones x Chris Levine

Royal photographer Levine takes on the Queen of androgynous music and fashion in a his Vinyl Factory exhibition. 'Stillness at the Speed of Light' is a new exhibition by Chris Levine, the groundbreaking light artist who works with 3D, laser and LED to create the most sensorial and spiritual work of today. Mostly known for his portraits of the Queen to commemorate 800 years of allegiance to the crown by the Island of Jersey, this time Chris collaborates with Grace Jones to offer a new exciting approach to portraiture and video making. The exhibition is on show from 30th April until 15th May 2010 at The Vinyl Factory Gallery in Poland Street, London’s Soho. Chris Levine spoke to us about light, Grace’s new video and his art. [+ here]

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mater Suspiria Vision os pais da Witch House?

Alguns chamam-lhe de witch house, um género recente e difícil de definir. Tem como cenário o ultra romantismo do imaginário medieval introduzindo-lhe uma linguagem gráfica que comunica através de símbolos geométricos (triângulos) e de cruzes por vezes invertidas. O witch house tem como influências o minimal dark wave, italo disco, drone, dubstep, hip-hop... onde habitam vozes que são frequentemente assombradas e distorcidas como também a identidade de quem as produz é totalmente desconhecida. Os Mater Suspiria Vision foram o primeiro projecto que conheci dentro deste universo psicadélico de satanismo neo-gótico, conceito esse que abraça a estética do horror e do belo-feio, do harmonioso e do dissonante cujo o parentesco ainda não foi ou não é reclamado. Serão os Mater Suspiria Vision os pais do Witch House ? Não sei... eles são sim o exemplo mais desconcertante e fantasmagórico do momento.

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The THIRD MAN - Messier 66

The THIRD MAN - Messier 66 (Applied Rhythmic Technology) Comentários: Toby Leeming aka The Third Man has built a solid reputation that's set to get a boost with his first high profile release dropping on ART's Dance Division series. 'Messier 66' sticks to a tried and tested formula of Basic Channel chord delays and kicking, UR-inspired 909s, but delivers it with such a deadly conviction and electrifying execution that no dancefloor is safe in its presence. On the flip 'Anadine' makes a nod to classic Rhythim Is Rhythim tracks with florid 313 melodies and intelligently constructed electro-techno rhythms before 'Paucity' completes with a majestic sweep of melancholy chords and classically sophisticated programming. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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EGYPTRIXX - The Only Way Up EP

EGYPTRIXX - The Only Way Up EP (Night Slugs) Comentários: London's Night Slugs crew continues to make all the right noises with this second release proper on the label, a debut from Toronto's Egyptrixx backed with cunning remixes from Kingdom and Ikonika. "The Only Way Up" opens this 4-track digital edition and is just immense, a manipulative mix of a slow beat count with combustible percussion, all fluttering rimshots and squeezed synths slowly luring you into a world of rugged machinations and squashed funk - an oddly engrossing mixture that we havent been able to stop listening to all week. "Everybody Bleeding" is more up-fer-it and relentless, deploying a shuffling peaktime riddim with demented synth-spots and pitch-shifted stabs riding alongside a nicely obliterated House vocal - proper mongrel styles. This edition also features remixes from Ikonika and Kingdom, the first teasing a Kwaito-tightened Funky riddim out of the title track, the second injecting 'Everybody Bleeding' with augmented Ballroom claws and party potential aplenty - big big tune. Sick 12"! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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kuoyàh - Angels Dub EP

Kuoyàh - Angels Dub EP (Frijsfo Beats) Comentários: Steppin' freshness from Kuoyah backed with a Sully remix! His 'Angels Dub' steps t the side of the floor with a techy display of dub manipulations applied to a garage-stepping riddim. Over on the flip 'Soldiers' gives dancers a little more to bite into with slick and punchy garage-tech programming, while Sully reimagines 'Angels Dub' with a neater organisation and a spectacular breakdown to excite the darker rollers. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Joka Baya Comentários: jams. Slightly reorganized around a lineup of stalwarts Mick Flower and Adam Davenport with frequent collaborators John Godbert (Total) and John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man), the band here stretches way, way out over these six sides, taking in several different styles while maintaining "that" sound all the way through. Joka Baya offers up a first side of short pieces, in a high-fidelity style that is in direct contrast to the dark, smoky sound of the rest of the tracks. The percussive grooves laid down by all 4 members are overlaid with Sunroof-like shimmer, stabbing electric leads, gentle acoustic rain, and droning organ peeking through at opportune moments. The roaring side-long epic on the flip is a droning, phasing slice of psychedelia with Moloney's drums battering the tape in between long stretches of humming stasis". in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Flying Lotus performs live score to "Heaven & Earth Magic

Experimental hip-hop artist Flying Lotus and Dr. Strangeloop performed 3 weeks ago a live score for Harry Smith's experimental animation film "Heaven & Earth Magic" (animated avant-garde classic Heaven & Earth Magic) at the Michigan Theater as part of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. [+Here]

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Harry Smith's "Early Abstractions" (1946-57)

Harry Smith was an artist whose activities and interests put him at the center of the mid twentieth-century American avant-garde. Although best known as a filmmaker and musicologist, he frequently described himself as a painter, and his varied projects called on his skills as an anthropologist, linguist, and translator. He had a lifelong interest in the occult and esoteric fields of knowledge, leading him to speak of his art in alchemical and cosmological terms. [+ Here]

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

ctrl alt shift

"We are a movement for a new generation fighting social and global injustice" [Here]

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PURSUIT GROOVES - Fox Trot Mannerisms

PURSUIT GROOVES - Fox Trot Mannerisms (Tectonic) Comentários: Hyper-healthy astro-hiphop grooves from Brooklyn's Pursuit Grooves landing quite unexpectedly on Tectonic. It's a brave departure for a label that's solely associated with dubstep but one that pays off in incredible style with seven tracks of unheard styles akin to Pattie Blingh plugging into Fly Lo's Sendai and setting her vectors for Sun Ra's space temple in sector 17. Her lyrics commendably deal with conscious issues but to be honest we're pretty distracted by her intuitively spiraling space grooves to give them our full attention. From the stooped hiphop swing of 'Pressure' to the decaying astro-step rhythms and slivers of Moog on 'Mr Softee' through to the ultra-modern disco of 'Shabaps' or the lucid juke-boogie dreams of 'Whisper' Vanese Smith is giving us the future on a plate and we're hungry as f*ck. 'Fox Trot Mannerisms' is quite a stunning collection that should take a few minutes to settle in, but a few months to really get a grip on. Recommended to fans of owt from Toro Y Moi to Ras G and back again - very very good indeed. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, April 16, 2010

T++ - Wireless

T++ - Wireless (Honest Jon's) Comentários: Berlin's high lord of the techno-breakbeat finally presents his hugely anticipated 2x12" pack for Honest Jons, allegedly his final release under the T++ moniker. For this remarkable project Mr ++ was given access to the label's vaults, selecting a handful of samples from two recordings of the singer and ndingidi-player Ssekinomu, made in East Africa at the end of the 1930s and in the mid-1940s. He deftly weaves snippets of these recordings into his mutating matrix of rhythms, adding a human (albeit acousmatically warped) element to his music that we've never heard before. In a certain sense, it follows a very long tradition of German electronic auteurs looking to Africa for inspiration, from Karlheinz Stockhausen, to Can, to his peers Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, seeking to connect his consciously futurist ambitions with something more primal and subconsciously innate. The result is a crop of tracks that take the lurching urge of 2-step, techno, dubstep and D'n'B and re-sculpts it into twisting new forms, mutating bare bones kick/snare syncopations into a coded double helix, around which connective tissues of adroit FX and supple sub-bass coalesce into a flexing organism, constructed with undulating and incremental loops of evolution instead of cataclysmic drops or flashy advancement. Together with the stunning sleeveart and centre labels this record has just made our day and we can't wait to test it on a proper soundsystem to unleash it's full potential and purpose; FOR DANCING! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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AFRICA HITECH - Blen (Warp) Comentários: Warp drop a blazing Afro-futurist heater from Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313 etc) and Steve Spacek. 'Blen' fuses the pair's passions for garage, broken beats, grime and dancehall into two winning combinations. The original features a killer wet 'n dry riddim, creating dancehall friction with rasping synthbass stabs and skittering electroid patterns framed as a bogling waist winder. The remix follows with a sumptuous intro dropping into a fresh bass stepper, sounding something like New Flesh's classic 'Stick & Move' updated for the nu-crew. O'er on the flip they really excel themselves with 'The Sound Of Tomorrow', featuring a vocodered Phillipa Forrester and luscous soul vox set to achingly minimal percussion with occasional subbass heaves and barely-there chords colouring the atmosphere a deep crimson hue. Really really strong twelve. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The TIME And SPACE MACHINE - Set Phazer To Stun (TIRK)

The TIME And SPACE MACHINE - Set Phazer To Stun (Tirk) Comentários: Debut album from Richard Norris’ (he of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve with Erol Alkan) The Time And Space Machine. The album proceedings open up with "Time And Space", the perfect atmospheric place for launch. If you've enjoyed the cosmic psyche sounds of Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo, this has a similar groove to it. "Path Through The Cathedral" carries on the assault with ringing Cathedral organ, tremelo-ed fuzz tone and backwards guitars. Album title track "Set Phazer To Stun" displays the first hint of Krautrock influences, nicely melded with some dirt cheap Farfisa organ, freakbeat drumming and (of course) plenty of Phazer. Yes, "After The Gold Rush" is a cover of the Neil Young classic, featuring Raissa from The Mummers on vocals, some Memphis horns and a hint of Balearica once again. The album also features recent singles "You Are The One" and "Children Of The Sun" / "Zeitghost". [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sang Bleu Issue 5

Tattoo slash fashion magazine launches new issue with European tour of parties. New magazines hit the shelves every other week, it seems like. Most of them are gone by the next. Sang Bleu was founded in 2004 so it isn't exactly new (although still young), but it proves that a good idea and hard work will get you through a tough financial climate and an equally difficult publishing business. The magazine was launched as a tattoo magazine, but Sang Bleu will aesthetically please whether you believe in the power of ink or not. Founder and editor-in-chief Maxime Buchi is just about to drop issue 5 of Sang Bleu on his faithfull readership. The content ranges from features on "contemporary art, fashion, and humanities to tattooing, body modification, fetish and BDSM" and totals an impressive 308 pages. As always, the Sang Bleu style has attracted not only the finest photo subjects and text topics, but also excellent contributors. As a massive Thank You to the readers, Maxime will not have just one launch party, but four. Check out the Sang Bleu Facebook page for details on the London edition. [+here]

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VVV - The Projects EP

VVV - The Projects EP (Fortified Audio) Comentários: Big twelve for followers of Burial and the Future-Garage scene!* The Fortified Audio crew follow that killer release from Loops Haunt with a terrific future garage EP from VVV. Aside from the fact that they've got an EP forthcoming on Infrasonics we can tell you bot-all about Texans VVV. And sometimes that's the best thing when the music is left to speak for itself. There are obvious nods to the dreamy post-club perspective of Burial, and deeper still to El-B and MJ Cole, but the rich electronic element owes something to another field of practice, earning them a well deserved "future-garage" tagline. 'Project X' has to be the highlight, sweeping up synthesized string symphonics and driving 2-step syncopations to brilliant effect, while 'Back To Life' takes it right back to 1998 for a sparkling rekindling of Dem 2 styled street sophistication and brightly spacious electronics. This is some high calibre garage gear on a par with the likes of the LHF crew or Sully - massive twelve! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

THEO PARRISH, 9 de Abril @ 31 , Porto

Depois de Carl Craig e Moodymann, o Trintaeum completa a trilogia de Detroit com aquele que consideramos uma lenda viva: Theo Parrish, DJ e produtor desde os 13 anos, especialista em escultura do som... Através da sua editora, a Sound Signature, Theo Parrish tem lançado alguma da mais entusiasmante e revolucionária música house da última década. Como produtor, as influências decisivas e assumidas de músicos como Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, George Gershwin, Bob Marley ou Dexter Sims têm-lhe assegurado um papel único no universo da música de dança das últimas décadas, com destaque para a série dos incontornáveis Ugly Edits. Como DJ, é conhecido mundialmente pelo seu estilo único e versátil, em que numa selecção de house, techno, jazz, boogie, disco, hip hop ou afro funk, representativos do seu universo, cruza temas e géneros com uma mestria e imprevisibilidade desarmantes e com flutuações constantes através de uma enorme dinâmica de equalizações.
 "Theo Parrish toca qualquer coisa, e tudo o que ele toca levanta voo."

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Dam-Funk “Things That Dreams Are Made Of”

Dam-Funk has covered “The Things Dreams Are Made Of” by synth-pop band The Human League. The song & video were made for shoe brand Dr. Martens 50-year-anniversary celebration, along with a total of ten modern-day producers who remade cult classics in their own style.
Dam-Funk “The Things Dreams Are Made Of” (MP3)

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Kappa's Arty Sport

Vintage Kappa posters from Italian highlights sport brand's influence. High-energy sportswear brand Kappa is still as young as ever. Let’s be honest, there was a time when wearing Kappa was left to the school pikeys. Every profitable brand has its relevance though, and Kappa’s is one that lives on. In the 90s, whilst being a strong mainstay for high-street youngsters worldwide, Kappa was the ironic brand to rock when it came to indie music’s darlings. There was a point where Damon Albarn wouldn’t be seen without his flouro Kappa zip-up and as the early Noughties came around, the company logo became a thing of culture. You could say that the logo, like the brand’s success, was an accident in itself. After all, Kappa started out in 1916 as an underwear manufacturer but soon morphed into a sportswear giant of its own, and it’s the logo that’s helped it become so popular. “The logo known as the 'omini' is a silhouette of a man and woman sitting back to back in the nude,” Kappa HQ explains. “After a photo shoot for a bathing suit ad, the outlines of their bodies were traced by the back-lighting and the photographers knew they had something. It symbolizes the mutual support between Man and Woman, and their completion”. [+ here]

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

JONAS REINHARDT - Powers Of Audition

JONAS REINHARDT - Powers Of Audition (Kranky) Comentários: On his second album for Kranky, academically-inclined synthesist Jonas Reinhardt expands the language of his kosmische, minimalist pursuits (as brilliantly set out on his eponymous analogue opus) to incorporate broader, band-like dynamics that call upon a greater array of instruments, lending a propulsive, full-blooded krautrock feel to certain pieces. The album sounds consumately polished without ever coming across as over-produced, and gets off to a great start, quite literally wearing its influences on its sleeve: opening track 'Mumma Deed Family Clone' is a two minute hunk of primal electronic warmth (that presumably doffs a cap to the titular Gordon) leading into the very motorik and actually very poppy grooves of 'Atomic Bom Living'. Title track 'Power Of Audition' marks another strong entry into Reinhardt's full band tracks, but undoubtedly it's the vintage synth designs that really win out on this record, sounding brilliantly tactile on 'Near A Mirrored Pit Viper', 'Only You Can Achieve Nitrogen' and the excellent closer 'Watrel Eyelid'. Recommended to all fans of Cluster, Tangerine Dream and even soundtrack maestros like John Carpenter. Essential Purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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TWIST WALL & FEVER mixtape ///▲▲▲\\\

Friday, April 02, 2010

Frank Bretschneider presents EXP on Raster-Noton

May 2010 will see the release of EXP, a new audio-visual work from Frank Bretschneider based on the idea that “fine art should attain the abstract purity of music”
Bretschneider is one of the co-founders of Raster-Noton, and it is via that label – home to recent releases by Atom TM, SND and Alva-Noto – that EXP will be brought to the world. According to a press release, the work is:
” [An] attempt to assimilate the qualities found in music – including movement, rhythm, tempo, mood, intensity and compositional structure – within visual phenomena. The music for the project was composed of specific generated and selected waveforms, feedbacks, impulses, clicks, the sound of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, light and other radiation. In addition and since the animation is mainly driven by sound frequency and intensity, the sonic quality of these sounds makes it possible to obtain an optimal effect on the graphics motion. In combination with several other ways of controlling the animation – from MIDI programming to applying motion curves – the visualization represents an exact reproduction of the audible occurrences. As a consequence the computed images often attain an unexpected beauty, from simple geometrical patterns to extraordinarily complex forms.”
EXP includes both an audio CD featuring 35 tracks, and a data CD featuring the live visuals of tracks 01 to 20 as a quicktime movie file (.mov). You can preview the visuals here.

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