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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lele Saveri

Lele Saveri was born in Rome. Currently working as photoeditor for Vice magazine in Milan, lives and works between Milan and NY.

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▲POPDRONE – belong-to

Little do we know about popdrone, the moniker chosen by the young Johnee Evanofskide from San Francisco to sign his musical picture cards. Home-made electronica somewhat lost in thought, which on “Belong-to” get close to pop-ambient, here are dipped in water and hung out to dry on a neo-classical line, with future garage-like vocals that become them so well. You can download a recent demo from here (on which this song can’t be found), but we’re warning you, the tracks on “Ghost” rarely reach the quality standard of “Belong-to”. in

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FACT mix 168: Conforce

FACT mix 168 is an extraordinary live set by consummate Dutch techno producer Conforce. Conforce is the alter ego of one Boris Bunnik, originally from the island of Terschelling but currently based in Leeuwarden. His full-bodied, hard-grooving sound has won him props from the likes of Derrick May and Rolando, and the labels that he’s released material on – among them Rush Hour, Meanwhile, Curle and Delsin – are testament to the dancefloor potency of his productions. [+ here ]

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FACT mix 170: Robert Hood

FACT mix 170 is by Robert Hood. One of techno’s most revered figures, the Detroit-hailing producer co-founded Underground Resistance with Mad Mike Banks and Jeff Mills (he was their self-proclaimed “Minister of Information”) before embarking on a solo career that has expanded – through a studious, near-spiritual process of refinement – the very language of electronic dance music. [+ here]

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

High Wolf - Ascension

High Wolf - Ascension (Not Not Fun US) Comentários: Following a slew of small-scale tape and CD-R releases, High Wolf release a five-track official debut album for Not Not Fun with mastering duties performed by Yellow Swan, Pete Swanson. Working with loops, trance-inducing effects fog and phantom rainforest percussion, this French artist spools out nagging swirls of colourful psychedelia and tribal drone fudge. 'Meeting Of The Three Seas' sounds like an alien campfire jam, summoning up tribal beats, head-spinning drone noise and a spindly fuzz-guitar lead. Brightening up, 'Diego' spews out dissonant tones whilst rattling through yet more manual percussion, leading into the unexpectedly serene 'Cloud Head'. Arguably the best thing here, 'Solar System Is My God' is especially lurid, chewing up Global Hypercolour wah-wah jams, plenty of bongo bashing and a touch of echo-spasming drum machine. High Wolf sure seems like someone to keep an eye on, with releases in the pipeline including a split LP with Forest Swords. In the meantime though, Ascension offers more than enough in the way of far-out tropical drone to keep you busy. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]
High Wolf - Solar System Is My God [mp3]

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Monday, July 26, 2010

FAMILIESdownloads: # 9 – by Jacques Renault

Following the raw house mix from Phil Weeks, the 9th FAMILIES download welcomes New York based dj / producer Jacques Renault. His edits and original tracks (solo or with collaborative project Runaway) had been released DFA, Italians Do It Better, Editions Disco, Wurst Edits, Brennan Green‘s Chinatown and Cosmo Vitelli’s I’m A Cliché. [Download Here]

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paul A Rosales "Crimes"

Download "Crimes" (mp3) from the 'Crimes' 7" on Care In the Community Recordings. [+info][Myspace]

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

M.I.A. - /\/\ /\ Y /\ (Maya)

M.I.A. - Maya (XL) Comentários: M.I.A likes to knock out extremely good, brilliantly screwed up pop albums. She's done it twice already with 'Arular' and 'Kala', and she's about to do it all again with 'Maya', probably her brashest, noisIest and most adventurous to date. We've already been impressed with the 16-Bit referencing dubstep-conrete of 'Steppin Up', and maybe less so 'Meds And Feds', but there's another eight brave and future leaning missions to really get excited about, and some of them are just jaw-droppingly good. It's probably an unfair comparison to make, but between herself and Lady Gaga it's easy to see who has reached the top of their game with the most credibility intact. Like the Gaga, she's obviously surrounded herself with good people, but in M.I.A's case those people have some interesting musical ideas and good links with the underground, not just a wild wardrobe. So, she's got Blaqstarr and Rusko alongside longtime spar Diplo to nourish her pop roots with some real unna'ground fertiliser, resulting in tracks like the dub flanged killer 'It Takes Some Muscle', the unhinged bashment bubble & squeak of 'Teqkilla' or squawking halfstep pop like 'Space'. With 'Tell Me Why' there's a pointed wink towards the Panda Bear/Animal Collective axis of indie-psyche, only anchored with a booming 808 bass, and there's no fear that her lyrical style has waned, making that mid-Atlantic enunciation work so much better than Uffie's snotty style. Basically, she's cut looser than any of her contemporaries with a well measured mix of exotic global currents and a real heavyweight sound design element that's futureproofed this set for years to come. Very very good indeed. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Horse Meat Disco Mix for Lovebox

Before they play at next weekend's Lovebox Festival alongside the likes of Grace Jones and Hercules & Love Affair, Horse Meat Disco make Dazed Digital an exclusive mix... [Here]

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TELESEEN - War (Percepts) Comentários: A rudimentary clue-up from a shrewd google locates Teleseen as part of a project positing post-rave electronic music as "a site of revolution and experimentation." Right on. It's further evidenced by overtly political titles such as "Work Will Not Set You Free," signalling that there is signification to be teased out of the abstract formalism of some of the content for those that would seek. in igloomagazine [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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