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Monday, February 28, 2011

Elfenbeinturm - Liquid Sky

A ritualistic lament for half-remembered smoked out youth. Datashock man Pascal Hector twists backed-up chatter, tape collage, analogue synth and primitive conga taps around themselves. Welcome to this guy's private universe, you'll like it. via meudiademorte

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mundo Urbano Podcast March.11 by GuSHee

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Electriklife - Bjrk One Day (Σnd◊rphin ◊n crΔck mix)

Pariah Carey - City of Ash EP

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mi Ami - Hard Up

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Class of 808 presents Society 1987-1993 party on 9th April

Class of 808 present SOCIETY, a night celebrating the pioneering sounds of electronic dance music from 1987-1993, East London, 9th of April 2011 +info

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hans Richter - Rhythm.21

Ballet mecanique (1924) Fernand Léger - Part 1

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moon Wiring Club - Queen of Puddings

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Space-Age Futurism Fashion

A short clip about the gorgeous futuristic fashion of the 1960's from designers like Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, Paco Rabanne etc. Most of the scenes are from the German TV-Show "Paris Aktuell". The music is "DEJA VU" from Mort Garson's Ataraxia The Unexplained (1975). via cosmocorps2000

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Lightdreams - Voiceless Voice (1981)

When Islands in Space was released on vinyl in 1981 it was a very limited edition of 1000 pressings. The project was generously sponsored at the time primarily by fans of the group and whereas not many albums made it into the hands of the public, a number of copies of Islands In Space were distributed to radio stations and University campuses throughout North America and as far away as Spain, Australia and Japan (the TEAC Corporation purchased 50 copies at the time because the album was recorded on their then revolutionary, first 4-track cassette recording machine, the TEAC 144. [Read More]

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Megafortress – Freedom from Fear

Future Airwaves - Trip

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mundo Urbano Podcast Fev.11 by Takeshi Kouzuki

Takeshi Kouzuki (Japan) is the first International collab for Mundo Urbano. Soon will be available his new release called “The House of The Rising Sun EP” for Jamal Moss's Mathematics imprint. [Myspace] [Soundcloud]

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pedro Magina - Sparkling Bee

Music video for " Sparkling Bee", from Pedro Magina's Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five Cassete, out on Not Not Fun.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Phill Niblock - Six Films (1966-1969)

Phill Niblock - Six Films (1966-1969) (Die Schachtel) Comentários: Although probably best known for his remarkable drone compositions, Phill Niblock began his creative career working in the visual arts, usually filming and photographing jazz musicians - perhaps most notably Sun Ra, for the 1966 film The Magic Sun (previously released on a DVD edition by Atavistic, but also included on this retrospective). This Die Schachtel disc compiles six of Niblock's experimental 16mm films spanning 1966 to 1969, which are, for your reference: 'Morning' (1966-69), 'The Magic Sun' (1966-68), 'Dog Track' (1969), 'Annie (1968), 'Max' (1966-68) and Raoul (1968-69). 'Morning' begins with performers dressing and preparing for their day to the accompaniment of clashing male and female internal monologues, and subsequently depicts various characters going about their daily business while we listen in on their thoughts and anxieties. Next is the aforementioned Sun Ra film, taking the form of a seventeen-minute tirade of abstracted negatives rifled through in fast motion - the soundtrack, of course, is exceptionally good and is in its own right a highlight of this collection. For 'Dogtrack' a deeply unsettling, bestiality-themed found text is read aloud with alarming detachment by Barbara Porte while Niblock intercuts between static location shots of urban and natural locations. Next is the entirely more wholesome 'Annie', a portrait of the dancer Ann Danoff set to the soundtrack of a concrète collage by Max Neuhaus. Speaking of Neuhaus, he's the subject of the next film, 'Max', which pairs another of his soundscapes against a succession of processed images and heavily edited, percussion-based performance footage. Rounding off the collection is 'Raoul', whose subject is the painter Raoul Middleman, captured at work in the studio using time lapse photography while an improvised soundtrack (performed by the filmmaker and subject in collaboration) accompanies the rapid influx of images. With a total running time of eighty minutes, Six Films 1966-1969 gives a fascinating glimpse at Phill Niblock's early creative life, predating not only his music career, but also his widely celebrated The Movement Of People Working films. Highly recommended. in boomkat

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


MYKITA & RAD HOURANI As a symbol of protection from all elements, sunglasses take on a utilitarian feel in the dynamic collaboration between Mykita and Rad Hourani. Inspired by shape and architecture, the Rad presents itself in the simplest form of expression; delivering a timeless, unisex, graphic and modern design. With state of the art technology combined with classic behind the RAD model continues to push innovation with the use of a new development at Mykita: a material branded Mylon.

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Miles Aldridge

Visit Miles Aldridge [here]

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Dan Shaw-Town

Dan Shaw-Town Untitled, 2011 Graphite and spray enamel on paper with metal grommets Courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery. [read more]

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Monday, February 14, 2011

This Week Favourites Part I

Tim Hecker - Ravedeath 1972 (Kranky) Para Ouvir/Samples
Deaf Center - Owl Splinters (Type) Para Ouvir/Samples
Chairman Kato - Wildfire (Pictures Music) Para Ouvir/Samples
COH - Iiron (Editions Mego) Para Ouvir/Samples
Dolphins Into The Future - On Sea Faring Isolation (Not Not Fun US) Para Ouvir/Samples
Cleared - Cleared (Immune) Para Ouvir/Samples

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Martial Canterel - You Today

Martial Canterel - You Today (Weird) Comentários: Martial Cantarel (aka half of Xeno & Oaklander) has been plying his idiosyncratic wave pop through limited edition runs of tapes, vinyl and compilation tracks for the likes of Wierd Records, Xanten and Chronditic Sound since 2002. He's held in high regard by Brooklyn's minimal electronic types and previous releases have garnered much acclaim from the likes of NME, The Guardian and Dazed & Confused. 'You Today' ties first wave industrial anguish, stylish New Wave pop and underground DIY electronics into his most potent release yet, an eleven-track suite of urgently infectious, danceable yet melancholy songs. We reckon 'You Today' is probably the best album of this ilk we've since The Soft Moon's eponymous debut. Gatefold slipcase CD with fold out lyric sheet. in boomkat.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mundo Urbano Podcast Fev.11 by Stuart

Mundo Urbano Podcast Fev.11 By Stuart by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

Suart is the 3rd portuguese collab for Mundo Urbano. We will be playing 18th of Feb/Fev at 31 Bar, Porto & 19 of Feb/Fev at Pitch, Porto. [FaceBook] [Soundcloud]

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Released on 1/11/11 on "Refixes" EP by Fostercare on the JI9X record label. - CD. Digital Myspace .

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anais… YSL lips #3 by Terry Richardson

Nocturna by Daniel Askill

Brothers Daniel and Jordan Askill and childhood friend Adam Linder share an aesthetic sensibility developed in a decade-long conversation while growing up together in Sydney, Australia. After a long period working as informal collaborators, their first major project together, commissioned by the Sydney Dance Company was a piece on show this past spring, entitled Are We That We Are, choreographed and performed by Adam with costume design by Jordan. "We used neutral, tight-fitting base costumes that allowed the audience to follow the performers’ movements whilst giving the characters a sensual allure," says Jordan. "They wore headdresses with bells, trinkets, flowers and chains to represent these heightened states of mind." Read More and watch the video here.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

GuSHee - 'When I Think Of You Sunshine'

GuSHee (Pursuit Grooves & Pro-Ef) two producers, one from Brooklyn, NY via Maryland and the other from Toronto via Grenada meet casually on Myspace. The experimental hip hop turntablist Cheldon Paterson, connects with the soulful voiced button pusher Vanese Smith, both citing Portishead, Bjork and Herbert as influences. Creating and performing music under their aliases Pro-Ef and Pursuit Grooves, they decided to bring their specialties together to create a lush rhythmical dreamscape that surrounds you with equal parts love and bump. Mixing live recorded synth arrangements with meticulous drum programming, GuSHee creates an electronic wonderland. When I Think Of You Sunshine is the first single from GuSHee's self titled debut album out March 8th 2011 worldwide on Otnorot Recordings. [Soundcloud]

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Bibio - 'Excuses'

Bibio's new album 'Mind Bokeh' will be released on March 29th (US) / April 4th (UK/ROW) [+info]

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Giant Claw - Midnight Murder

Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam

Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam (Brownswood Recordings) Comentários: MC/producer Ghostpoet introduced himself to much acclaim with the Michachu-starring 'The Sound Of Strangers' free EP in 2010. He turns his debut album 'Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam' over to Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings, featuring a curiously idiosyncratic blend of electronic HipHop and shoegaze-y rock with darkly personal lyrics. Standout moments for us are found on the moody, dubstep-influenced 'Gaaasp' and 'Us Against Whatever Ever' with its swelling strings and a delivery oscillating between nonchalant and impassioned, while we find a darker take on Roots Manuva's sound in 'Finished I Ain't' and a arresting production of 'Cash and Carry Me Home' with a tale we can all relate to.

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Hype Williams - Dior EP

[download] hype williams - Dior EP by cplnd tracklist
1.dior 1
2.dior 2
3.dior 3
4.d.blunt getting rushed by christian slater and crew on pirate radio
5.stalker dior
6.dior 5
7.treated her badly

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VA - beko_clandestine 02/07/11

beko_clandestine 02/07/11 a beko/clan destine records collab: †HE SOUNDTRACK †O ¥R ORGASMIC DEMISE, NO†HING IS †RUE, EVER¥†HING IS PERMI††ED.
a01_ Petra Schelm_Channel The Body
a02_ o F F/Gr†LLGr†LL_Crackedemo
a03_ Among The Bones_Tunguska
a04_ Gray Things_Fortune Teller
a05_ Ela Orleans_Light At Dawn
a06_ Skylines_@ Dawn
a07_ o F F_Makeupworz
a08_ Drugs For Drunks_DZLIGHT (intstrumental)
a10_ Sealings_Two Cups
a11_ King Dude_Never Let You Go
b01_ Central Asian Nervous Systems_Almost Dead
b02_ GuMMy†Be▲R!_False Prophets
b03_ F8STERCARE_Snowdragon
b04_ Mater Suspiria Vision_The Trip Graden Of El Diablo
b05_ Gr†LLGr†LL_Organ Sunday
b06_ Meddicine_Some Thing You Knew Before
b07_ Modern Witch_Running
b08_ I††_Chambre Ardente Affair†
b09_ Party Trash_Alone
b10_ Nattymari_K1LL K1LL
b11_ Malibu Wands_Sleep With Demons

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ghedalia Tazartes - Granny Awards

Ghédalia Taazartès - Granny Awards (Alga Marghen) Comentários. My word, where to start with this total head-f*ck of a record? Well, first off, it's another mind-expanding, previously unpublished jaw-dropper dug out by alga marghen, presenting 'Granny Awards' from the archives of the acclaimed French sound artist, Ghédalia Tazartès. The label are really spoiling us with their releases of late, this in particular being one of our very favourites. Verging on out-and-out craziness, but reigned-in with a masterfully steady head, these six tracks were created some time in the early '80s "in his anhydridic Paris", largely based on materials pre-dating his debut LP 'Diasporas' before he re-appropriated them for this lost work of art. We're instantly mesmerized by the opening track 'Ferme ta gueule, zarathustra', Ghédalia freely connecting the garbled "voix d'enfant" of Raphaël Glucksmann with intoxicating, slow moving and sustained synth chords, before jump-cutting into bird calls, dissonant arabesque strings and eccentric vocalisations with a blinding sense of freedom. The second side opens to a comedic, exuberant vocal set to crackly 78 backing on 'Whatever' and turns blind corners into ethno-noise trance-outs on 'Singing', hyper-rhythmic experiments on 'Wild' and a jarring hardcore punk-out in 'My Rock Ghedalia'. The freedom of expression and taste for exotic, arabesque tonalities is a mighty revelation and we assure you we'll be digging much deeper into Ghédalia's catalogue at the nearest opportunity. Exceptional sounds, massively recommended!!! [Listen Here]

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TheChurchofSynth(┼┼┼) - Der Fall von Leviathan B

160g MODE – Iris Van Herpen’s Escapism (Couture SS11)

Escapism: “The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.” (The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007).
"Iris van Herpen‘s latest effort shows what Couture should be about: dream. Her digital dreams have been made into reality with the use of computer programs and architectural technology, challenging the boundaries between art and fashion. Clouds and bird-shapes gracefully mingle with dark three-dimensional armours; spiral forms, fractals and repetitions establish a link between the architecture of the first industrialisation and nowadays’ organic trends in both architecture and landscape architecture. Van Herpen challenge complex mathematical theories, ranging from the direction of shells’ spirals to unending geometrical motifs". [read more]

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Benoît Méléard's Architectural Shoes

"Renowned French shoe designer Benoît Méléard designed footwear for the likes of Loewe, Helmut Lang, Jeremy Scott and Alexander McQueen among others. However, it was when he first launched his own commercial collection in 2001 that he felt he could really push his penchant for the experimental to the core. For Spring Summer 11, Méléard looked for inspiration to the cult 50s American designer Beth Levine. The result is an artful mix of styles with elastic bands connecting the toe and ankle, cubist-inspired peep toes as well as leather sandals propped on impossibly high wooden platforms and heels". [read more]

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RISE: Sara Naim

"Sara Naim is a NYC-based photographer whose work explores the interconnectivity between objects, people and events in everyday life. Born in Damascus and then brought up in Dubai, she came to London to study photography before moving to New York to work as a photographer's assistant. For her latest project she decided to take fifteen pictures every week to document her life. The results, 'Fifteen Fucking Fotos for every Filthy Friday', is a mixture of mundane domestic life, hanging out in and around New York, and the exotic places she has travelled to for work. She has also embarked on a high-concept series called Dawn to Dust, in which she took pictures of skin cells under a microscope to create images that look like the beginning of life and then like a post-apocalyptic wasteland." [Read More]

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

M△S▴C△RA - krystalMETH / alanWATTS

Mascara bring us this beautiful track "krystalMETH" featuring classic 90's samples of "Laura Palmer's Theme - Angelo Badalamenti" for Twin Peaks 90's tv searies . Watch also Clochi and Black Mass videos.

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Onra - The One feat. T3 from Slum Village


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Desolate - The Invisible Insurrection

Desolate - The Invisible Insurrection (Fauxpas Musik) Comentários: Lushly built, beats-driven ambient album from Desolate aka Sven Weissmann. 'The Invisible Insurrection' is in no small part influenced by one Will Bevan aka Burial, taking his mournful urban ennui and swaddling it in the kind of sumptuous atmospheres Sven has formed his reputation on. At first glance it may seem a little obvious, lazy even to wholesale rip another artist's distinctive sound, but upon repeat listens Sven's sincere and effectively heartfelt delivery make it an entirely worthwhile effort. In fact, those who still shirk the Burial albums as being under-produced or somehow inferior in construction, but had a soft spot for its cinematic mood and emotion, will find much to fall in love with here. Includes a special bonus CD with extra tracks. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Video Campaign

Alexander Martovsky - M42

Catalog#: SGUSTOK NET 005 Released: 02 Aug 2010
TRACKLIST [Buy] [Download] * legal
01. Aurora (04:11)
02. M42 (06:52)
03. North Caucasus (03:43)
04. Moon (05:03)

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Mundo Urbano Podcast Fev.11