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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PDP - PDP Megamix (Where To No)

PDP - PDP Megamix (WHERE TO NO) Comentários: Where To Now made a noted blip on our radar with their Moon Gangs cassette earlier this year. They return with a masterful blend of Chicagoan House and cosmic night grooves from PDP aka Paul Layzell. His debut release, the 'PDP Megamix' rifles through banks of classics samples and the freshest vintage machine rhythms like a soundtrack to Ed DMX's most vivid wet dreams. Being a tape and the fact that it's all sweetly segued means it's difficult to tell where the eight tracks stop and start, but that's surely the intention and it's carried out beautifully well. Side A embarks at late '80s rare groove and boogie soul memes before strafing across electro, jackin' House and cosmic disco with the nimblest fake fader skills. B-side heads in with siphoned radio samples set against sensual synthfunk riffs before bouncing down to early '90s HipHop soul and psyche-fried Breaks. Imagine a hinterland between Finders Keepers, 100% Silk and L.I.E.S. and you're squarely in the PDP megamix. in boomkat [Order Here]

PDP : People of all nations by where to now productions

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Neon Indian - Step Into the World With Your PAL198X

Givenchy's special edition T-Shirts Fall Winter 2011

Givenchy's special edition T-Shirts Fall Winter 2011 designed by Riccardo Tisci. Available in stores in September.
1. Scarf Print : twisting the classic square ‘silk scarf’ print reworked in a gothic style using elements of chains, white stars, bones and growling dogs printed in a multi-layer screen print.
Stars & stripes: a re-interpreted version of the American flag painted vertically in red and white in triple print layer technique with inserted Rottweiler dog face.

2. Rottweiler’s photographic face: featuring the main print of the Fall/Winter season, the face of a Rottweiler in a photographic technique. (via Givenchy)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

>>>5VИ<<< [Mundo Urbano & ΔΙΞλ split mixtape]

Saturday, August 27, 2011

EMUUL - The Drawing Of The Line (Digitalis)

EMUUL - The Drawing Of The Line (Digitalis) Comentários: « Seattle's Emuul makes his vinyl debut with a blissed side of synth and guitar crafted Nu Age experiments on Digitalis. Since 2009 he's released a glistening string of cassette-only pearls on Sweat Lodge Guru, Stunned Records and Monorail Trespassing among others, displaying an endearingly subtle and restrained approach to his pop-infused synth meditations. His sound is sanguine and misty, embedded with a yearning melodic romance that feels unhurried and unforced, with an intimate tenderness recalling Brad Rose's lushest moments as the North Sea or perhaps a more dewy, forested Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. Entering to the sunrise elevation of 'Expectations', synth repetitions rise and fall in the warm air with a moorland BoC quality, while 'Love Theme' could be compared with Leyland Kirby's most heartfelt melodramas, like a pastiche of the score to an afternoon Swedish TV soap circa 1987, and 'Big Clouds' a saturated vision of slightly distorted synth melancholy. Most absorbing of all is the 21 minutes of glacial, elegiac catharsis in 'Plus One', where gently elliptical repetitions peel away into an effervescent ether, sucking up colder bass waves from below the surface.» in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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CONTAINER - LP (Spectrum Spools)

CONTAINER - LP (Spectrum Spools) Comentários: «Container has created a twisted, time-warping and insolently f*cked lo-fi techno record that has to rank among the very best full-length statements of 2011. 'Application' is like the nutty Profan house of Wolfgang Voigt shorn of its Teutonic gloss and subjected to some extra-wild DIY signal processing, while 'Protrusion' and 'Rattler' summon the gnarly acid stylings of Legowelt and the MurderCapital crew. 'Dissolve' is closest to that teasing Surgeon+DMT+Cybotron formulation, a grot-infused meld of jackers' beats, sci-fi synthetics and scouring industrial noise. If you've been digging recent, raw avant-techno excursions from the noise underground - we're talking No Fun Acid, Ectoplasm Girls, Diamond Catalog, Dungeon Acid, etc - then you need this seriously mad, bad record in your life. Unmissable, frankly». in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, August 26, 2011

NK19: Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier “Discovering Mathematics 2” c42

Music by, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier. «This prolific triple-threat talent (artist / writer / musician, obviously) from Belgium has graciously allowed No Kings to handle 42 minutes of her chance operation / intuitive sound collage work, after a myriad of releases on such underground institutions as Digitalis, Stunned, and Kaugummi. “Discovering Mathematics II” is warm, spacious, and immersive, and is treated with the same emphasis on process, openness and relationships between elements as her visual art.» 'Discovering Mathematics 2' cassette is sold out, download it for free.

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NK20: Aerial Jungle – "Tales Of Acoustic Levitation" C50

Music by Aerial Jungle , Brad Rose + Rachel Evans aka Motion Sickness of Time Travel. From the sold out Cassette, "Tales of Acoustic Levitation" on No Kings. «The 50 transportive minutes of “…Acoustic Levitation” invoke a supernatural science fiction spirit, with tones and rhythms that are both manufactured and organic, as if dredged up from a future where technology and nature are intertwined. With titles like “The Meissner Effect” which has to do with magnetic levitation, the science magic vibe is clear».Video by Rachel Evans.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grindstone Redux "The Story of the 1980's Underground Music Network"

Watch more free documentaries
This is the story of how the music business was transformed in the 1980s by like-minded musicians who decided to self-publish their work. They formed a “network” before the internet or email made it commonplace.
Today it is common practice for musicians to self-publish their work. But this is a recent development in music history, which began in the 1980s. It came in response to a music business with a narrow spectrum of music that was being released and promoted.
Before the internet or email, there was a network of “Underground” musicians and bands who networked with each other by producing recordings at home, exchanging them with each other, and communicating with hand-written letters. They created their own “record labels.” They produced independent magazines and the first generation of radio shows devoted to independently released music.
In the 1980s the music industry was also transformed by numerous technological developments: the first affordable recording equipment, the first affordable synthesizers and affordable photo-copying. For the first time, musicians were able to record and distribute their music without a “major” record company.
The network was supported by small, independent record stores (which have all but disappeared) where musicians could place their work for sale, as well as discover other like-minded artists and magazines. This created a sense of community in which artists were working locally with stores in their home towns. To a great extent, these stores helped build the network . via snagfilms
Written by Andrew Szava-Kovats
Edited by Andrew Szava-Kovats
Produced by Andrew Szava-Kovats
Directed by Andrew Szava-Kovats

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Music Label Of The Week : 100% Silk

I can't denie I have a big crush on 100% Silk Records (Not Not Fun sublabel) . This label it's about breaking boundaries and celebrating life thru music no matter what! The Start of this new musical adventure began with the 100% Silk Mixtape cassette, after that the list of editions rised bringing up names as Ital aka Sexworker and member of Mi Ami [Ital's Theme 12"] : his 12" caught me up instantly. The Deeep [Muddy Tracks 12"] : this edit reminds me something like «midnight hot fantasie» (because is super sensual and hypnotic). Cuticle [Confectioner Beats 12"]. The new weird disco bliss from Maria Minerva's sound [Noble Savage 12"] , Gillette «sex appealing» synth waves [Gillette 12"]. In a darker pattern we have Xander Harris with a glimpse of dark italo disco (I Want More Than Just Blood 12"), and Innergaze psych disco ensemble (Shadow Disco 12").
In the 90's clubbin' extravaganza revivalism we have 4 names, Pharaohs, Ital (Only For Tonight 12") dancefloor hot hot material, Magic Touch (I Can Feel The Heat 12"),we can recognize in his work some 90's french-house, 'daft punk', 'Crydamoure and Roulé' influences, and finally Sir Stephen (By Design E.P) . Hopefully many more records will come out soon. Highly Recommended!

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Xander Harris - I Want More Than Just Blood (100%Silk)

Xander Harris - I Want More Than Just Blood (100%Silk) Comentários: Dramatic Texan Italo ace from horror/synth obsessive, Xander Harris. His first 100% Silk entry distills the sexier, dancefloor-dedicated disco strains of his 'Urban Gothic' LP to sound like some freshly discovered bottle of coagulated, '86 vintage vino. 'I Want More Than Just Blood (High Heels Remix)' is ten minutes of steely synth gaze and adrenalising arpeggios with dripping, carmine coloured melodic trickles and futuro trance washes. 'Necronomiconjure' is more nuanced, reserved techno pulses outrun by a surge of beaming synth positrons next to the beautifully resolved end sequence of 'Martian Fever'. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gareth Pugh Men's Gold Wallet

The Gareth Pugh Men's Wallet for autumn/winter ’11, seen here in gold. Utilising the tessellating triangular pattern that has becomes Gareth Pugh’s signature, this bold leather wallet features a metallic gold front. The triangle pattern is padded and tactile as well as being reflective. Inside, the wallet is crafted from soft premium leather and features a range of compartments. The note section is lined with patterned cobalt blue fabric, which is used throughout this season’s collection. Pre Order Only! Sold Out at Oki-ni, but still available at Luisaviaroma in black.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Long Collar Shirt

The Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Long Collar Shirt for autumn/winter ’11, seen here in black.
From this collection of refined American workwear classics, this perfectly proportioned check shirt is made from soft flannel and comes in a masculine black and red check.
Sophisticated touches are added by the extended button-down collar, the oversized chest pocket and the semi-transparent buttons. There is also a Carhartt label on the left arm.
Made in Indian from 100% cotton – please machine wash cool. Find out more about Adam Kimmel x Carhartt A.W. Collection '11

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

FACT mix 275 is by Maria Minerva.

ricky rouge – strange love
part time – what would you say
summer junkies – i’m gonna love you
mi ami – hard up
psychic dancehall – long lost lover (maria minerva reprise)
eastern vibes – mathar
fonda rae – living in ecstasy (radio edit)
bubonic plague – robot’s tourette
juan atkins – raindrops
chez damier & ralph lawson – a dedication to joss
la vampires – keep it turn it bump it
carter tutti – the streets of london fields
[Download Here]

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Daniel Klag - 'Weird Fiction' LP - 2011 Amdiscs (AMD004/AMDD064)

Daniel Klag (New Jersey/based in NYC) 'Weird Fiction' LP came out in June on AMDISCS as a limited-edition 180-gram 2-color vinyl LP. Buy it here «‘Weird Fiction’ is his most comprehensive work to date» and I personaly agree, for me this album reminds me the Reykjavik's (Iceland) lava landscapes, 'Weird Fiction' also displays a rich palette of colors and organic textures. Very Pleasing, well done Sir!

Daniel Klag - 'Weird Fiction' LP - 2011 (AMD004/AMDD064) by AMDISCS

Check also Daniel Klag interview:
M.U. - How do you define yourself and your music?
My music is in the ambient/experimental/electronic realm. I use a lot of mathematics in my day job (I studied mathematics in school and previously taught it for 4 years). I find the mathematical thinking I use at work is often similar to the thinking that goes into my musical process.
M.U. - Since when you have been producing music? / Have You always been interested in electronic/ambient?
I played in bands in high school and college (I played bass), but I didn't start producing music on my own until 2006, when I was a senior in college. I enjoy the freedom of being able to work on music on my own, without having to collaborate with others. My earliest demos were heavy with synthesizers and drum machines; at the time I was trying my best to sound like Suicide. Over time, I found that I was enjoying my recordings much more with the drum and vocal tracks muted, which led me to start producing more ambient synthesizer sounds. Over the past 5 years I have transitioned from working with mostly synths to primarily using digitally processed guitar samples.
M.U. - What does inspire you most in music making? People? Smells? Images? Noises?
Much of my inspiration comes from books that I read. "Weird Fiction" was mostly inspired by the strange tales of authors like HP Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, and Algernon Blackwood.... stuff that I was reading heavily last November when I began the recording process.
I am also, of course, inspired by musical influences: Black Sea by Fennesz, Harmony in Ultraviolet by Tim Hecker, Ambient 4 by Brian Eno, Playthroughs by Keith Fullerton Whitman, as well as the unconventional guitar tunings utilized by such artists as Rhys Chatham, Glenn Branca, and Sonic Youth.
M.U. - I’ve read you are based in NYC, are you from there or from other city/state/country?
I have been living in NYC for the past 5 years, though I grew up in nearby suburban New Jersey.
M.U. - Is “Weird Fiction” your first edit on a record label?
I did a 3 inch CD release for La Station Radar in 2010, you can check it out here: .
"Weird Fiction" is my first full-length album, and my first vinyl release. I am very happy to be a part of the AMDISCS family. They have been truly supportive of me from the beginning.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kyle Hall talks about Detroit Techno

Jef Barbara | Danniel Radall - 'Cocaine Love' EP - 2011 (AMDD073)

Jef Barbara | DannielRadall - 'Cocaine Love' EP - 2011 (AMDD073) by AMDISCS
'Cocaine Love' (AMDD073) by Jef Barbara Danniel Radall
"Radall's fresh take on 80's synth pop brings the original track out of it's smooth, romantic element, transporting the song into a dark, Miami vice inspired time warp; perfectly fit for Barbara's fierce antics and boisterous sexuality." Atlas PR

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


"Ruff Trade" starring Maria Minerva & Xhai Middleton. Directed and edited by Joonatan Allandi. Special thanks to Marek Chorzepa. From the CD/LP 'Cabaret Cixous' on Not Not Fun Records.

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Diet Butcher Slim Skin Leopard-Print High Top Sneakers AW 11/12

This season Tokyo’s Diet Butcher Slim Skin have added a zip to the back of their high top, allowing them to give it a more traditional boot shape and a taller silhouette. The sneaker still retains the chunky streetwear styling, although it is presented in a clean black, white and leopard print. buy here!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Leif Podhajsky

"Leif is an artist and Creative Director. His work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered experience. By utilizing these subjects he attempts to coerce the viewer into a realignment with themselves and their surroundings." Leif creates artwork for a number bands and record labels around the world such as Shabazz Palaces, Lykke Li and Tame Impala and has exhibited work in Berlin, The Netherlands, Sydney, and Melbourne. He has also spoken at the prestigious art & design conference Semi Permanent.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Matthew Brandt

Friday, August 12, 2011

AMDISCS Showcase @ Quebra Costas, Coimbra : C V L T S

AMDISCS Showcase @ Quebra Costas, Coimbra: Dream Boat

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pharaohs: "What"

New add to La psych disco label 100% Silk. Video Directed by Ben Shearn. Visuals are beyond amazing, they cross lo-fi graphics with "dated" (but cool) 90's rave scenes. Lovin' it!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Asss / Meddicine - Split (Clan Destine Records)

Asss / Meddicine - Split (Clan Destine Records) Comentários: *Edition of 300 copies only* Killer split side of monotone minimal wave and DIY industrial doings. It's the first vinyl outing for both bands following a couple of cassette and compilation releases on Hobo Cult, Night School and BEKO DSL, complementing each others sound very well. Asss are more melodic, minimal wave-obsessed and slightly spacey. Their side opens and closes with zooming cosmic sci-fi synths, forming a forcefield around the isolated two note synthpop of 'Sleep Alone' and the bedroom robot vocals and stoic 4/4 machine pulse of 'White Eyed'. Meddicine are a bit sexier, in that leather-clad Industrial style, evidenced on the EBM thrust of 'Black Night', or the nightmarish drone sequences of 'Illusion' and 'Words'. Highly recommended. in boomkat.

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Tunnels - “Crystal Arms”

11 de Agosto, AMDISCS SHOWCASE c/ CVLTS . JEF BARBARA . DREAM BOAT @ Quebra Costas, Coimbra

11 de Agosto, AMDISCS SHOWCASE c/ CVLTS . JEF BARBARA . DREAM BOAT @ Quebra Costas, Coimbra (21:30 h). Inserido na programação de animação do Centro Histórico para este Verão convidamos os senhores da editora Amdiscs para um showcase ao ar livre e gratuito para todos vós...ui ui ui! maravilha ?
"Um cocktail de dark wave, pop psicadélico, new wave e witch house vindos dos estados unidos e canadá pelas mão de uma editora checa..."
Midwest weirdos ooze pastoral organ dirges, occult soundscapes and concoct pretty melodies.
Part Prince, part Neon Indian, this French New Wave fairy slicks with low down lounging lullabies. The Montreal-born pop protege just made life a little more
bearable. Beware, “Les Homosexuelles” or “Wild Boys” might replace “Sexy Boys” or George Michael’s “Faith” as your personal anthems.​barbara
Creepy anti-(dancefloor)-music from Providence combining beats and disembodied voices into nightmare soundtracks that don’t hide under a veil of goth romanticism. Minor-key chorus, Addams Family organ hooks, arcane lyrics about visions that keep people up at night.​amboatt

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Salvador Dalí for Playboy magazine 1973

The latter's 1973 Playboy spreads are this week’s Most Loved on AnOther Loves as chosen by photographer and picture editor Raven Smith. Here the master of Surrealism juxtaposed the shot of a nude leaning against a giant egg, coiled in snakes with cut-up Renaissance imagery. Asked what his bizarre compositions meant, Dalí replied with an equally ambiguous response, “The meaning of my work is the motivation that is of the purest – money. What I did for Playboy is very good and your payment is equal to the task.” via anothermag. read more

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Brazil's Electronic Language

Eng / The city of São Paulo provides the perfect backdrop for the Electronic Language International Festival, presenting a mishmash of digital media, codes and new ways of communicating. read more
Pt / A 12ª edição do FILE – Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica acontece em São Paulo, entre os dias 19 de julho e 21 de agosto de 2011, no Centro Cultural FIESP - Ruth Cardoso. Na programação: instalações interativas e imersivas, tablets, animações, jogos e maquinemas, além de trabalhos de web arte, vídeos, documentários, clipes musicais e experimentações exclusivamente sonoras.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S12: Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov always manages to impress his audience by giant installations, graphic prints, imaginative accessories and otherworldly sounds. This time around he was true to his style and presented a collection on a rotating catwalk with models opening and closing doors almost in a working class factory environment which provoked a feeling of paranoia or you might just say Panopticon. read more

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Monday, August 08, 2011

o F F - Secret (Free Download)

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WHITE RING - CHAIND VOL. 1 (Free Download!)

WHITE RING - CHAIND VOL. 1 featuring RICK ROSS – BMF (WHITE RING / One Nation Under God Remix)

01 Waka Flocka Flame - No Talkin (White Ring 2011 Banger Remix)
02 Feather (Story of Isaac Remix)
03 Nine Inch Nails - Me I’m Not (White Ring Remix)
04 Felt U (GHXST Killer Rmx)
05 Feel U (Shams Feelings Mix)
06 Lil B x Cocteau Twins - Real Life (White Ring Remix)
07 Rick Ross - BMF (White Ring - One Nation Under God Remix)
08 Feather (Fostercare Rmx)
09 So Wuts Drippin (Trance)
10 Rihanna - What’s My Name (White Ring Baby Dolphins Uplifting Trance Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD!! (via pendusound)

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

DJ DIAMOND - Flight Muzik (Planet Mu) Released: Aug 08, 2011

DJ DIAMOND - Flight Muzik (Planet Mu) Comentários: This has to be one of the strongest and strangest juke full-lengths yet to emerge from Chicago, with an austerely psychedelic undertow to its hi-octane ghetto bounce. The darkest, sparsest jams are the first to grab your attention: 'Burn Dat Boy' and 'Horns' are on a choppy grime tip, the latter packing darkside string stabs that remind us of Cooly G's 'Narst'. 'Torture Rack' is brutal and brilliant, beat-'em-up vocal snippets and stanked-out, dissonant synths stretched to breaking point across a low-riding gangster's rhythm, but it hardly prepares us for the sheer evil of 'Wreckage' - a blood-freezingly minimal, dystopian drum-cut that sounds like footwork gone industrial. Unbelievably heavy. But there are numerous flights into more surreal territory too: the arabesque 'Rep Yo Clique''s shakes like it's ready for the souk, while 'Snare Fanfare' and 'I Choose You' have an almost orchestral lilt to 'em, and 'Decoded' adds swooping trance accents to an old-school ghetto-tech chassis. 'Go Hard', meanwhile, has been a massive club anthem for some time now, and sounds as lithe and lunatic as ever here. Flight Muzik really is the freshest, fiercest ghetto transmission we've heard in ages, and massively recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

BRAIDS - Lammicken

Braids - Canadian (Montreal) indie rock/shoegaze/dream pop ... ensemble : Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Katie Lee, Taylor Smith, Austin Tufts. "Lammicken" is taken from "Native Speaker "album, released this year by Kanine Records (USA) and Flemish Eye (Canada). Video Directed & Produced by Mark Webber / Concept by Mark Webber & BRAIDS.

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Portimão acolhe maior exposição de fotojornalismo do mundo

O Museu Municipal de Portimão acolhe entre 04 e 28 de agosto, os trabalhos premiados da edição de 2010 da World Press Photo (WPP), a maior exposição itinerante de fotojornalismo que retrata os acontecimentos mundiais mais importantes. A WPP apresenta um conjunto de imagens de 54 fotógrafos profissionais de 23 nacionalidades, divididas por nove categorias, que ilustram acontecimentos marcantes de 2010, entre os quais, conflitos mundiais, eventos desportivos, notícias genéricas, pessoas e artes, em vários pontos do mundo. A esta 54.ª edição do World Press Photo concorreram 5.691 fotógrafos de 125 países com 108.059 fotografias, tendo sido premiadas imagens captadas por 55 profissionais de 23 nacionalidades.
Fonte: Diário Digital / Lusa
Local: Museu de Portimão
Inauguração: Dia 4 21h30
Terça: 19h00-23h00
Quarta a Domingo: 15h00-23h00
Entrada Livre

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Enya - Caribbean Blue (DNTEL Remix)

Unofficial video for Caribbean Blue (DNTEL Remix) of Enya Mixes (2011). Footage comes from The Mind's Eye - A Computer Animation Odyssey. "DNTEL gives away Enya remixes - Jimmy Tamborello, who most importantly guided Figurine into a solid sound of quiet guitars with odd electronics meshed in, and later went on to do a couple of things commonly known as DNTEL and the Postal Service, has announced he’s giving away an ep of Enya remixes as it will never make it through the proper channels for commercial release. Grab it directly off of the DNTEL site here" (via the speed of silence)

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Maria Minerva - California Scheming (2011)

'California Scheming' is featured in Maria Minerva (Estonia, based in London) debut full lenght Cassette "Tallin At Dawn" (Not Not Fun/NNF222). Official Video directed by Ando Naulainen.

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