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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Ekoplekz - M.U. Podcast #27 (November 2011)

Bristol's Ekoplekz «lo-fi analogue/dub warrior revolutionaire» is an electronic project of Nick Edwards. He has a new debut album (Following releases on Mordant Music and Further) called Intrusive Incidentalz Vol.1 via Peverelist's Punch Drunk label. «His sound is somewhere between radio phonic dub-scaping and post-industrial electronics, that you can trace back to Cabaret Voltaire. »
New projects: Ekoclef is a new side project; in collaboration with my old chum Ralph ‘Bass Clef’ Cumbers. We have an album called “Tape Swap” on Ralph’s label Magic & Dreams. It will be available as a cassette and download.
About the mix: this is just a mix of some music I’m currently enjoying. it was recorded entirely live (no software) with some added sound fx (reverb/echo/phasing, etc). I hope you enjoy it, and if there's anything in there you like the sound of, please support the artists by purchasing their music. Regards, Ekoplekz.
Geoffrey Burgon - The Hymn of the Plants
Pelican Daughters - Insect Wing
Conrad Schnitzler - Jupiter
Coam Transmissions - Sugarmorphosis
Hacker Farm - Goar Knap
Ursula Bogner - Nach Europa
Jerry Goldsmith - Love Shop
Alien Radio - Text Adventures
F.C. Judd - TBC
Hieroglyphic Being - Rhythmes Circadiens
Some Truths - #15
Red Stars over Tokyo - Lost Traces
Ekoplekz - Loop Segue (Improvisation)
Lee Perry - Ox Man Dubwise
Tristram Cary - Forest Atmosphere
King Tubby - A First Class Dub
Ekoclef - Sonic Salvation
Chairman Kato - Usual Drama (Ekoplekz Replekz)
Ekoplekz - Loop Coda

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