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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MikeQ - 21 Mins With Gregg Evisu (LIVE FreeStyle)

MikeQ aka "the prince of modern ballroom" dropped this 21 mins live freeStyle with Greg Evisu a while ago, download it and strike a pose bitch!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CHAINLESS - blood & tears

Chainless will release an EP on moun10 in May 2013... meanwhile you can download his track “blood & tears” for free below.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

ACTRESS - Silver Cloud

ACTRESS - Silver Cloud (Werkdiscs) Comentários: WerkDiscs drop their first new Actress gear since 2008's 'Hazyville'! It's a 3-track affair, sidestepping from the sharper styles of 'R.I.P.' into muggier, rugged beat dimensions. A-side is a scratchy, wriggly swinger named 'Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion', swarming offset bass bumps and wooden drums with a prickly cloud of digital piff gas, harp hook and a spectral vocal snippet all unfolding with that run-of-consciousness arrangement that only comes about at 4am when you're operating on fumes, coffee and salty snax. B-side is all about that crooked darkside lean, rounding up one crushed south London bass/trap killah called 'Floating In Ecstasy' sounding like an abstract road-rap or grime instrumental for a zombie Chronik, beside a smoked-out slow/fast sci-fi trip titled 'Silver Cloud Dream Come True'. Plug in, spark off, zone out business. in boomkat [Para Ouvir Samples]

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jar Moff - Commercial Mouth

Jar Moff - Commercial Mouth (PAN) Comentários:**PAN's first release of 2013 is an epic plunderphonic simulation recommended to followers of Thought Broadcast, Wanda Group, Ghédalia Tazartès** PAN's first move on 2013 is a psychedelic, plunderphonic concrète collage by Athens-based artist Jar Moff. 'Commercial Mouth' is perhaps best aligned with the gyroscopic logic of labelmates Ghédalia Tazartès or Joseph Hammer, intersecting and overlapping sonic vectors at oblique trajectories carved and canted into shape and space with an elemental geometry and the sort of calloused, knotty finish that suggests he may have lost a thumb or finger in the process. It's a compelling and ambitious sound for such a relatively inexperienced artist; acousmatic samples are stretched, cut-up and recombined with free jazz dexterity between opposing poles of lysergic hip hop and electro-acoustic noise, functioning at a highly impressive level somewhere between the abstract underground and more disciplined, academic skools of sound thought. But, taking his previous appearances on the Harald Grosskopf remix album and Matthewdavid's Leaving Records into account, it's not such a far fetched proposition, and one evidently within his grasp. Across the A-side's 'Tziaitzomanasou', shards of industrial percussions fracture and buckle in a rusted sci-fi soundsphere sounding like Thought Broadcast and Wanda Group rendered in 3D by Bee Mask, whilst the B-side's 'Commercial Mouth' feels even further gone, inhabiting a frayed and almost anxious ecology of zig-zagging bleats reminding of Golden Retriever mixed with lazer-guided no wave skronk and the kind of visceral, cuticle-flaying dynamic heard on Reinhold Freidl's incredible 'Inside Piano' LP. The result is a baffling but exhilarating collision of styles and techniques handled with a nearly synaesthetic quality, you almost see this record appearing as broken waveforms and physical objects sprouting from the speakers/headphones. in boomkat

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

(Polysick) THEAWAYTEAM "Relax&Sleep" part 2

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Cracked Ray Tube is a collaborative realtime project by James Connolly and Kyle Evans that breaks and disrupts the interfaces of analog televisions and computer monitors to produce flashing, screeching, wobbulating, self-generated electronic noise and video.

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Evol ‎- Rave Slime

Evol - Rave Slime (Alku) Comentários: **Housed in 140 micron polished finish PVC sleeve. Includes two locked grooves** Properly warped mentasm business from "computer music hooligans" Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp aka EVOL. Originally issued in 2010, and a later catalyst for EVOL's incredible FACT mix, 'Rave Slime' deconstructs the "hoover" or "mentasm" sound derived from Eric Persing's 'What the?' patch for the Roland Alpha Juno synth and twists it inside out to the delight of card-carrying 'ardcore ravers everywhere. By rendering the foundational, unifying sound that linked disparate strains of early '90s dance music - from New York's Joey Beltram to Birmingham's Rufige Kru and stacks of mittel European techno substrains - to abstract and visceral degrees, they have created one of rave's finest moments, only 20 years after the point. If V/Vm's 'The Death Of Rave', Lorenzo Senni's 'Quantum Jelly' or Lee Gamble's 'Diversions 1994-1996' gave you a different sort of 'ed rush, this is unmissable. in boomkat

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Lanvin: Fall 2013 Menswear

Givenchy: Fall 2013 Menswear

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Umit Benan: Fall 2013 Menswear

Burberry Prorsum: Fall 2013 Menswear

Rick Owens: Fall 2013 Menswear


The Bernhard Willhelm x Camper Men's Toðer Safari Print Sneaker for spring/summer '13, seen here in black and white. Each season Bernard Willhelm breathes fresh life into a style from Spanish footwear specialist Camper. This addition to the Toðer collaboration is a particularly vibrant affair, incorporating contrasting safari print patterns to eye-catching effect. Crafted from soft leather, the sneakers feature a high, padded ankle and tongue. They fasten with hiker-style lace eyelets and lug hooks, as well as a pair of Velcro straps, and also have a handy heel-pull. The distinctive upper is paired with a uniquely constructed sole unit, featuring a zigzag midsole with a hardwearing gum outsole a design only the eccentric German designer could have imagined.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Saturday, January 12, 2013


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Friday, January 11, 2013

Low Jack - M.U. Podcast 49#

01./I\ – 88
02.High Wolf - Boneless
03.Z-Factor - Her Way
04.Syracuse - Surface Of Revolution
05.Urban Tribe - Program 11
06.Open Drive - Alligator
07.Fabrik Ohne Strom - 001
08.The Flying Lizards - Hands 2 Take
09.Busen - Danusen
10.Asylum - Hornz
11.Cassioware feat. Sajaeda – Fantasy (Klubhead Track Dub)
12.Z-Factor - Fantasy (Vocal)
Download M.U. Podcast 49# here.
Low Jack (Paris, France) 

«mysterious producer Low Jack about which very little is known. He has released but one EP so far, an EP that was both ballsy and techno and deeper and mid tempo. His Free Pyjamas EP is house, of course, but thick, dense, gauzy textures fill every inch of the airwaves throughout» Release date: 21 January 2013 on Delsin Records.

D I M E N S I O N 
M O B 

1st live show: 
25/01 - La Gaîté Lyrique 

Low Jack - M.U. Podcast 49 # (January 2013) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Actress - Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion

Actress - Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion from nic on Vimeo.

New video sketch by Nic Hamilton for the track 'Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion' from Actress' latest 12"

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Trance Farmers - Purple Hay (Stones Throw & Leaving Records DUAL FORM)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Party Zone Massive - R&S Megamix

Jean Michel Jarre - MTV Party Zone

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Death Grips "COME UP AND GET ME"

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Sensate Focus - Déviation Heat-treated

Sensate Focus - Déviation Heat-treated (PAN) Comentários: *Surprise release from the mighty PAN label, Heatsick re-worked by Mark Fell's Sensate Focus across two long tracks totalling 35 minutes* From behind your ear, PAN pluck a blink-and-miss exclusive: a 35 minute audio response by Mark Fell (Sensate Focus) to source material by Heatsick, somewhere between cover version, remix and deconstruction. Along the A-side 'X' plane, tones are exploded, harmonies refracted with HD dissonance; time is extruded, made ductile yet intangible. On the B-side 'Y' axis hydraulic undulations and roiling tones expand and contract between kinetic kink and gyroscopic funk with the pointillist, freeform choreography of a Merce Cunningham piece. One for the dancers and the DJs that know! in boomkat

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Friday, January 04, 2013

Vatican Shadow - It Stands To Conceal (Triple Vinyl Edition)

Vatican Shadow - It Stands To Conceal (Hospital Productions) Comentários:**Remastered 3LP set. Edition of 911, Housed in glossy gatefold jacket** 2012: in it's third year of operations Vatican Shadow became an unavoidable issue on the international noise and techno agenda. Following Type, Blackest Ever Black and Modern Love editions, Dominick Fernow aka Prurient aka Vatican Shadow ploughed forth with his project, resulting in three tapes 'Jordanian Descent', 'Ghosts Of Chechnya' and 'Atta's Apartment Slated For Destruction', collected here on vinyl for the first time. Disc one features both sides of his extended 'Jordanian Descent' meditations, some of his longest in this guise and given to incredible, unfurling loop repetitions; Disc two holds 'Ghosts Of Chechnya', one of his most concise and varied issues, eight tracks wide and tending towards gloomy, urgent, cinematic arabesques including the outstanding 'Voices Came Crackling Across A Motorola Hand-Held Radio'; Disc three comprises the four parts of his amazing 'Atta's Apartment Slated For Destruction' including the impeccable darkness of 'Once This Fire Gathers Strength'. in boomkat 
1. Jordanian Descent (Sharia Law) (15:10) 
2. Jordanian Descent (Guantanamo Military Commissions) (15:13) 
3. Encryption Nets (6:24) 
4. The House Of The Followers (2:32) 
5. Peace Rage (2:51) 
6. The Hamburg Cell Was Born In Chechnya (4:31) 
7. He Held The Victims Responsible (3:45) 
8. Voices Came Crackling Across A Motorola Hand-Held Radio (5:11) 
9. Chechnya’s Ghosts Loom Large In Death Of Former Spy (6:09) 
10. Snipers As A Breed Tend To Be Superstitious (7:16) 
11. There Was A Black Banner On The Floor (9:44) 
12. Al Qaeda Possess Nuclear Capacity (9:49) 
13. Wahhabi Money Flows (9:48) 
14. Once This Fire Gathers Strength (9:08)

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

BROADCAST - Berberian Sound Studio: Original Soundtrack

BROADCAST - Berberian Sound Studio: Original Soundtrack (Warp) Comentários: The Broadcast soundtrack to Peter Strickland's award-winning 'Berberian Sound Studio' has finally been given a release via Warp and credited to both James Cargill and the much missed Trish Keenan. Working closely with the film's supervising sound editor, Joakim Sundstrom, James Cargill started work on the material with Trish prior to her untimely passing in 2011, realising some of the uneasiest, phantasmagoric themes and atmospheres in their immaculate oeuvre. In so many ways it's the perfect vehicle for Broadcast to explore their nefarious influences and interests intersecting Italian horror films and the pioneering sonics of Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai. Working to a complex, inception-like meta-narrative revolving about a "British sound recordist's slowly degenerating mental state while working in an Italian film studio", they weave original foley and dialogue from its eccentric, sinister characters into 39 kaleidoscopic cues and themed fragments, patching eerie harpsichord waltzes next to lysergic organ vamps, spine-creeping Moog atmospheres, miasmic chorales and blood-curdling screams, all with a drifting, trans-dimensional quality and that dusty sort of articulation unique to Broadcast's anachronistic oeuvre. It plays like a library record, but there are flashes of classic Broadcast that shine through, from the "Work And Non Work" era romanticism of "The Equestrian Vortex" to the gorgeous skittering "The Sacred Marriage" - resulting in a record that not only fulfils it's brief, but which also offers a tantalising glimpse at what might have been. in boomkat [Para Ouvir / Samples]

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Shiningskull - By This River

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Kinlaw - Back (conslira glory mix)

Vessel - "Raven Banner"

Octo Octa - So Lux

Beyonce - End Of Time (VGNV RMX)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello 2013

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SOFIA-RETA - The Archer Pt 2

Lorenzo Senni - Quantum Jelly

Lorenzo Senni - Quantum (Editions Mego) Comentários: Jelly Russell Haswell, EVOL, Mark Fell, Lee Gamble - at the moment there's no end of rave-savvy sound artist types deconstructing dance music for the pleasure of sick and inquisitive minds. Lorenzo Senni is the latest to join the club (no pun intended), making his eMego debut with an album influenced by his love of "90s trance/hard-trance music and a growing interest in the musical structures and sound archetypes of these genres." What this amounts to is the Italian artist identifying generic characteristics - super-saw synth lines, ludicrous build-ups, instant-gratification melodies - and drawing attention to their strangeness through isolation and repetition. The resulting listening experience is perhaps surprisingly fluid and engaging: 'Windows Of Vulnerability', for example, has its cake and eats it, coaxing real, almost elegiac emotion out of a rollercoasting uber-trance chord progression even as it parodies it. 'Make Believe' highlights the teasing, stupefying, near-exploitative contract of gratification that we enter into when listening to commercial dance music: as its cheesy Euro melody comes closer and closer to climax you find yourself craving, almost in spite of yourself, a booming kickdrum to arrive; hell, you're downright angry when it doesn't - so hard-coded are your expectations of release, the failure to deliver feels almost like a biological insult. But while it interrogates them, this record certainly doesn't set o ut to rubbish trance and its time-honoured tropes - on the contrary, it's a suitably gushing love letter to the sound and its melodic patterns, patterns by now so firmly established that future historians and musicologists will probably treat them as persistent folk boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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